58th Virginia Infantry marches at Jackson’s funeral

Lynchburg, Virginia 5/12/07

On May 13th, 1863 the body of General ‘Stonewall’ Jackson arrived by rail in Lynchburg, Virginia on his final voyage to Lexington. At Lynchburg, thousands of mourners attended a procession through the streets as General Lee’s ‘right arm’ was taken to the Kanawha canal and placed aboard the packet boat "Marshall". Soon after, General Jackson began the last leg of his journey home along the James River.

Saturday May 12th, 2007 was a beautiful day as many gathered at the very canal where the General was transferred to the "Marshall". The 58th Virginia Infantry was proud to have 3 members present to both honor the General in a recreation of the entourage through the streets and to inform those in attendance about the restoration of the 58th Virginia’s Battle Flag. We were honored also to be in the presence of Mr. Mort Kunstler, who was there to sign his works including his rendition of Jackson’s send off on the "Marshall" entitled "Going Home". Mr. Kunstler’s attendance was sponsored by Dixie Outfitters, who in turn has played a significant role in the success to date of the 58th Virginia Battle Flag Restoration Project.

Our recent fundraisers have put us over the $14,000 dollar mark toward our goal just under $24,000 for the complete restoration of the 58th Virginia Battle Flag. The banner is in deplorable shape in storage at the Museum of the Confederacy and is in dire need of this restorative work.

Our upcoming events include the Dixie Days reenactment and event in Mechanicsville, Va on June 9 &10th and the Gettysburg, Pa reenactment on July 6-8. Thanks continues to go out to all who have helped us come closer to making this project a reality. We hope to see you at an event soon!

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