An essay written by a 15 year old student.


I believe some people don’t understand what the Confederate Flag really stands for. They see it as a racist symbol that represents slavery. But they might change their minds once they here this.

As we speak an African American, H.K. Edgerton, former head of the Ashville branch of the NAACP is standing up for what the Southern Symbol really stands for. He is marching from North Carolina to Austin, Texas, fully dressed in a Confederate Uniform and carrying a Confederate Flag.

When asked why he is doing this Mr. Edgerton responded, "I am standing up for my Southern Ancestors who fought and died under the Confederate Flag."

On other issues, last year Mississippi citizens voted on whether to keep their state flag the way it is or to change it. The reason for the controversy was because some groups, like the NAACP thought that the Confederate Flag should not be in the state flag. But Mississippi newspapers showed that 30% of the African Americans favored the old flag. After the vote, the flag stays the same.

So now I hope people would stop seeing the Confederate Flag as a racist symbol and start seeing it as a flag that represents a Southern way of life. Because if slavery is the issue then the American flag is more racist than the Confederate Flag.

Jeremy Tidwell
15 years old
Delta C-7 High School
Bragg City, Missouri