From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Mon, Mar 7, 2011
Subject: It will Never Change….

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
Prior to last November’s elections, we Confederates told you that things would NOT change as a result of those elections.  We described the ‘two-party’ system of the Federal system as being ‘two wings of the same bird’ and equally, told you what to expect after the election.
We also told you that all we accomplished was buy ‘ourselves’ some time for what’s left of America.
The ‘one wing’ of the Federal system is the more powerful and more evil of the two- that being the DemonCrat wing while the other, its mentally inferior and wholesale stupid sibling- the ‘Republican/GOP’ wing, acts its fool in creating the foundation for its stronger partner.
Collectively, they have combined through perpetual ineptness a wholesale demagoguery made of innate corruption, constantly manipulated over time through deceit & chicanery, bringing us all to where we are today.
The Central State has obliterated any remnants of the former Republic and has replaced it, deliberately, with a self-serving two-party hegemony that underwrites its own life insurance & perpetuity through  the expense & at the hands of every American.
Despite the obvious will of the ‘People’, their system and their two party’s will continue to ignore our wishes and continue to proceed in doing what they want, how they want and when they want despite their ‘promises’ made as ‘candidates’  that always prove to be false & baseless.
It has become ALL that was envisioned by our Confederate ancestors when they decided 150 years ago that it was time to Separate!
Time has only proven them & us correct!
As ‘Rome’ continues to burn, the ‘Republican’ wing of this ‘bird’ is now back peddling, as was expected, from reducing the massive Federal debt that they helped to create when their ‘boy’ was in office.
They talk about a $30 billion dollar cut in Federal spending, as if that is going to make some sort of difference in this entire dilemma.  We Confederates call that chump-change and that wouldn’t pay for the cost of one of many of Obama’s vacations or lavish Federal luncheons…not to mention Pelosi’s and the general appetite of the ‘Bird’ in general.
As they placidly continue to insult our intelligence with their inferior but obvious M.O., America grows weaker by the day.  Our entire infrastructure is collapsing and rather than bringing much needed ‘water and relief’ to extinguish the obvious & odious ‘FIRE’ they created, they are pouring more gasoline onto it.
Its madness but madness with a specific intention and a specific Ideology in mind for what remains, as mentioned, of this once Sovereign & Independent Republic!
The interest alone on the current Federal debt is nearing $500 billion dollars alone. That is 1/2 half a TRILLION dollars annually to pay for their Ideological Transgressions.  And that is at the current rate of 4 %.  Imagine the cost to the American taxpayer when Interest Rates rise, not if but when, as expected and anticipated (thanks to the Independent Banker’s at the Federal Reserve who have used us to bail their ‘boys’ at Citibank, Guv’t Sachs, AIG, Merrill, Bank of America, etc. out because they were "To Big Too Fail"), and they have to recall all those worthless ‘greenbacks’ they have been printing?
Interest rates will at least double and we will again find ourselves in the same predicament of the 1970’s when interest rates exceeded 20 %….but then the Federal debt was hovering around $ 5.5 Trillion dollars and NOT $ 15 Trillion as now.
The infinite weight of common mathematics will tell any novice that their math does NOT support ANY of their equations.  NO ‘Bridge’ can support itself without a proper suspension system and America’s ‘Suspension System’ has long since been compromised thanks to their interference and wanton neglect emanating from political bigamy.
And the ‘stupid wing’ of this bird, the Republican’s, under the new House Majority ‘leader’, John Boehner, is talking about a ‘package deal’ amounting to $ 30 billion dollar’s????????
Once more we Confederates can only IMPLORE YOU to hear us and realize that nothing is ever going to change with this ‘Bird’.  YOU cannot hope to have YOUR hopes realized at THEIR ballot boxes for they will NEVER listen & yield to YOUR desires and wishes.
This Country has long ceased in being a Country "Of the People, By the People and For the People". That staple was altered in April, 1865 as we have been telling you.
This is now a Country "Of the Special Interest, By the Special Interest and For the Special Interest !"
Make NO mistakes about that. America has been continuously sold out to these Special Interests whether they be here or abroad and the ONLY thing that YOU, as a Federal Citizen is expected to do, is underwrite and pay for their on-going Political Transgressions disguised in the name of their Socialist Democracy which is nothing more than the precursor to their International One World Order they refer to as ‘Globalism’.
And, as more years pass with more generations becoming further removed from the Origin of this Country’s purpose, as evidenced by the last 145 years in particular, who will ever be the wiser to question this ‘Paradoxical Bird’  in the days ahead?
Thus the Federal Beast, the incarnate creation of all that was to have NEVER been, will advance as will their self-fulfilling prophecy of self-endowment at the expense of every man, woman and child in this Country….and that will surely be YOUR children and grandchildren!
May God Forgive us for turning OUR faces the other way… for we have committed our kids to a fate worse than hell because Responsibility became too much of a moral inconvenience.
I will say to my Brethren again that the ONLY way in which we can hope to reverse course is through Separation.
We MUST Restore that Confederate Republic that was Never Surrendered in 1865 if we Hope to Survive and pass onto our children any potential for those same Freedom’s and Individual Liberty’s that once permeated this land.
It has been many a year since America refreshed and stood in this Light of Old— the Two Wings of this Demonic Bird have laid waste to this beauty and have placed instead a decadent disciple of the Beast itself in it’s place, complete with all the moral ruin associated with any corrupt entity. All anyone needs to do is look about themselves & recall what once was as opposed to that which is!
ALL Roads Have Always Led to 1865- the beginning of the end of this Republic !
For God, Family and the Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the RESTORATION of the LEGAL DeJURE Government of the South- The Confederate States of America—One for All & All for One!
PS- Will YOU join us Now?