From: "Craig Maus",
Date: October 28, 2009

Dear Confederates & Patriots (bcc herein),
What is the logical conclusion a people must draw when the Government they elected cannot be trusted beyond another day?
Further, what measure’s must a people then undertake to remove the cloak of deception that has been wound around them & fashioned much like a ‘Jailor’s Shroud’, that now permits this same Government to advance & elevate  themselves further at the expense of its people?
Folk’s, today’s sad event’s at the hands of the Federals are NO less the same than ALL those many ‘events’ that presented themselves prior to 1860 when the first of our Southern Sovereign’s seceded.
I hope that y’all can ‘connect the dots’ between then and now and finally come to the realization of what we Confederates have been saying ALL ALONG-"There is NO difference. The Federal ‘Baby’ that was officially baptized in 1865 and has grown into the incarnate Beast of today."
The South saw it coming LONG AGO and wanted NO part of it!  The manipulative unfairness that the Federal Zealots of that time were posturing for was more recognizable & identifiable, as this nation was fresh out of its infancy culminating in & with our victory over England only 75 years earlier.  In short, the Federals THEN, were unable to pull the ‘wool over the eye’s’ of a young nation, as they have been able to over these last 145 year’s.

And since the Constitution had YET to be compromised as it has to date, the legal & justified guards that were written into it that allowed ANY SOVEREIGN (STATE) and her State Citizen’s (NOT FEDERAL Citizen’s as they have made YOU NOW), were able to LEAVE if such a pestilence were to ever visit itself upon this nation!
That was this Voluntary Union’s ‘insurance policy’ against deceit, demagoguery and human weakness that the Founding Father’s realized when the Declaration of Independence & U.S. Constitution was written.
That was the ‘People’s Rider as well as Each State’s’, should this Government ever exceed its Constitutional authority!
That is why 13 State’s seceded and for the SAME reasons as today—only the Fed’s have legitimized their current standing by manipulating & extending their Legislative Authority which the Judiciary is forced to uphold.
Thus, they have ‘insulated’ themselves so well over the last 145 years that virtually ALL connections between then and today have either been erased through omission or ‘revised’ according to their guidelines.
Their Federal ‘Department of Education’ further insures their perpetuation through the indoctrination of OUR children within their Federal School System….thus resulting, including their teacher’s, to believe & teach that the so-called American Civil War was fought entirely over a single issue- SLAVERY!
The magnitude of that LIE has allowed the Federal’s to go un-challenged while simultaneously taking us all on their march into ‘Their Sea of Oblivion’.  Using social re-engineering as THE divisive element within all this, they have built themselves their ‘Tower of Babylon’,  using the backs of every man, woman and child in this Nation, NO MATTER the race, colour or creed of your being, to accomplish the means though which their ultimate ends would be satisfied & realized.
They have applied the tactical maneuver of Conquering through Division and the Amendments that were drafted and written into Law AFTER the Civil-War’s conclusion is where the cancerous root of today’s origin lay’s.
And sadly, it has ALL EVOLVED into everything that they are doing to YOU and YOURS today and, AGAIN, in the Name of Social Order & Welfare!
Can YOU NOW understand what we have been saying ALL ALONG?   Can YOU NOW understand why we wanted outa of this Hegemony of Demagoguery called Federalization?
It was NEVER about Slavery…it was ALL about them becoming the Federal Overseer they have become and the Simplicity of Freedom as it relates to EVERY Individual within this Country… the VERY SAME and identical reasons why we REVOLTED against King George & England- IDENTICAL!!!
It has been said that "when Lincoln freed the slaves, he merely made slaves of us all." PerhapsNOW, y’all can ‘connect’ the relevancy & profoundness of this statement?

> I want y’all to ask yourselves a question- Would you vote for ANY individual who said the following NO matter the level of government or office they were seeking (local, state of federal):
A) " To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I choose my friends carefully.  The more politically active black students.  The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and the structural feminists & punk-rock performance poets. "      Personally, I would say that the person who said this has an alarming agenda to say the very least and is one that I do NOT share. In fact, I would consider it to represent everything this country does NOT believe in or is about…..but that is my deduction.
> Who said it ?  But wait, there is more:
B) " …one of the, I think, tragedies of the Civil Rights Movement was, UM, because the Civil Rights Movement became so court focused, I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political & community organizing… and activities on the ground that ARE able to PUT togetherTHE Actual Coalition of POWERS through which you bring about Redistributive Change. "

Now if I am a hard working guy & struggling to keep a roof over the head of my family and me, I’m thinking that I have elected politician’s to PREVENT this warped thinking from ever finding itself into Law that would, in effect, take what little I have and give to whomever.  That is NOT what an elected official should ever be thinking of much less the fact that he or she has NO right to do that! Giving is a personal & Christian thing but it has NO basis or dominion in Law or Government. That kind of thinking is vague & ambiguous but allows for such governmental indiscretion that can only lead to subversion and corruption at the highest level. NO Government, particularly ours, was ever given any license to do that!
> Who said it- but wait, there’s even more:
C) " We are 5 days away from Fundamentally Transforming the U.S.A "  – At this point, personally, if I was ‘anyone’, I’d be saying what in the hell is going on here? What is all this Transformation and Redistribution stuff, not too mention these Coalition of Powers. Who are these guys? Hell, I’d be running them outa town. What are they running for? Certainly NOT for anything serious in this country!
….but that’s what I would be asking I suppose if I weren’t a Confederate.  But as a Confederate, and having never allowed myself to become Re-Constructed, ‘dot-connecting’ combined with a passion for accountability & responsibility, as was instilled within me from my parents and their parents before them, I have ALWAYS questioned any kind of Government ‘ruling’ that would allow them the ability to over-ride my basic rights and freedom’s.
Questioning is our most inherent and fundamental patriotic right AND duty….but then again, I also began to read the History Books that were denied me in school and ‘this guy’ who was saying A, B & C,  along with his entire LEGION , was pretty much predicted by those Patriots who said, ‘We’re the hell outa here’—– you know, the same one’s who left peaceably by RIGHT and who realized that TODAY would be the eventual result & consequence should they lose that war—-  and that was in 1860!
> Most of you have received my many communiqués over the years- the latest of which included my on-going ‘Eve of Destruction’ series- You know, the ones that dealt with the inter-relationship and design regarding the: Banking Crisis and how this would lead to the ‘Stimulus’, ‘Son of Stimulus’,Tarp and the impact it would ALL have on each and every one of us when the ‘dollar’ is finally compromised. They also included indictments involving the Czar’s, Geithner, Van Jones,  Wright’s & Mark Lloyd’s of the world, and of course ACORN!

There’s an entire LEGION  of this ilk who has given life to this bunch through FEDERAL APPOINTMENT…..LIKE——
Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Dodd, Frank, Kerry, Kennedy, Specter, Clinton & Feinstein to name but a FEW- why HELL, there’s a whole boat load, ER excuse me, HOUSE & SENATE full of them- The RepublicRats et al !
And while we continue to fight their war’s, pay their salaries, lavish them with grandiose pensions and excellent private health care through our Tax Dollars, they re-direct our sweat to whomever, wherever and however…. while we receive the residual pittance for our labor much like Charles Dickens’s character, ‘Oliver’, who is remedially scalded for humbly asking, ‘ a Little MORE, please. ‘
By the Lord Eternal, what in God’s name exists that anyone cannot see or deny that which they are doing?
Anita Dunn, another appointee intent on " Transforming " this country- you know, the White House’s Communication Director, recently said this and in a church NO less-
"….the 3rd lesson & tip comes from 2 of my FAVORITE political ‘Philosopher’s’- Mao Tse Tung & Mother Teresa, not often coupled with each other, but the 2 people that I turn to most… "
Folk’s, this is the White House’s Communication Director saying this!  She considers Mao Tse Tung  to be a ‘political philosopher’ !!!!!!!  A ‘political philosopher’ !!!!!  A man who probably was responsible for more deaths than Josef Stalin,  who many agree killed or exterminated more than 24 MILLION PEOPLE!  It is said that Mao did old Joe one better, like 30 million plus!  These 2 men make Hitler look like a piker.
She and these many, many others is what is CONTROLLING & INFLUENCING, with your tax money, YOU, YOUR CHILDREN and attacking everything & anything that was once the very under-pinning’s and corner-stone’s of  The American Republic!     
This is what and why the Southern Confederacy LEFT!  They SAW and understood the full potential of what awaited them if the folly & demagoguery of the Federal mindset was allowed to go un-challenged….AND even then, they left LEGALLY & PEACEFULLY as WAS THEIR RIGHT UNDER THE 10th AMENDMENT of the Constitution.

WE did NOT invade them….THEY INVADED us and we fought to protect ourselves and therein, along with current events, et al, is the ENTIRE HISTORY- PAST & PRESENT!
Oh yes- who made those above outrageous statements – A, B & C? ……why y’all should know that-  He’s none other than the president of YOUR country, the U.S.A-
Barack Hussein Obama!
Some 50 million wanted his Change and chose once again to ignore the obvious and decided it was easier to look the other way and vote for him!  Well, you got his change, and more!
50 million voted for him?????  The Federal Union, I would submit, is BEYOND repair and hope!  We MUST separate if we hope to survive.
Let those who wanted that CHANGE and those who think they can ‘GIVE it to THEM’, GO THERE WAY and let us go ours.  I have NO doubt that we ‘yahoo’s’ will do just fine.

They are on a Road to Oblivion from which there is NO return!  World History has shown us this.
Its an Un-Holy venture into the Land of Darkness and we need to get the hell outa here……AGAIN!!!
A)- Stated in his book- " Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and INHERITANCE! "
B)- Stated on CHICAGO Public Radio, 2001 !
C)- Stated, as noted, right before ‘The Beginning of the End’- 5 days before OUR " Transformation Began "……..
But what do I know, I’m just an old dis-illusioned Confederate, so THEY claim, who is unable to communicate anything other than racism, hate and has NO understanding of anything because I’m nothing more than a Yahoo incapable of any worthwhile substance… know, the same whose ‘jib’ was cut and fashioned after Lee, Jackson, Jefferson, Washington, Forrest, Beauregard, Henry and so many, many other’s who my parents said I should fashion myself after!
I’m proud to be associated with them and as equally proud NOT  to be associated with the likes of ANY of the current ilk who comprise that Cesspool on the Potomac in Washington, DC.  They remain the DeFacto Government here in the South and once more I will say:
God Save The Christian South, For So Goes The Christian South, So WILL Go This Nation!
Deo Vindice!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus
humble president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations
Staunch Supporters For The Restoration of the Legal DeJure Government of the South- The Confederate States of America and her Respective State Sovereigns.
Will YOU Join Us Now?
PS- Because of a computer glitch, some may be receiving these communiqués who may not ‘appreciate’ them.
If you are among them, advise and you will be deleted.