It’s just a symbol

To the editor:

Concerning these people saying or claiming that by wearing the Confederate flag colors or emblem and flying the Confederate flag is a show or display of hate toward African-Americans, slavery, etc: That is ridiculous.

But if so or true, then what about the American flag? Why aren’t people claiming it is the same thing?

In fact, both flags are just a symbol of that state or country, a piece of material, a cloth showing the colors. For people to make or turn it into something more, is again ridiculous.

Also I believe and feel there is nothing wrong with people in this country wanting to wear, display or fly the flag of this country and their state, for that matter.

I myself enjoy displaying and wearing the colors of the American flag and flying the flag off of one of my bicycles. I am an American and I should feel free to do this if I choose to or not, whether other people like it or not.

Russell "Pete" Seville
Greencastle, Pa.