Is this a record?
Chuck, in the email you’ve just sent — the second one today, not the welcome emergency single-item one that came a little earlier — I count at least 60 basically separate items of jam-packed information and (mostly, by far) action! Have there ever been more than that in a single SHNV? Won’t surprise me if you have no idea by dint of being simply too busy at your heritage work to ever stop and count.
Folks, I submit to you that as unique and valuable as SHNV is in our lives, it is probably unique in cyber-history as well. Where else has an individual casually taken up the job of editing such a publication and others have instinctively piled onto it for such long-term, often instantaneous cooperation?
The strangest thing is indeed that nothing else that I know of works this brilliant bare-bones way — not even in the enemy camp. I’ve started up little SHNV-type updates for friends and family of my various other interests (music, family tree etc), but nobody even submits material for those.
SHNV is an innovation in communication and activist history.