Date: November 12, 2009

Yeah Johnny Reb, I really do need to be more open about my feelings…. Maybe I should go to therapy and try to open up more……(joke).
One of my friends asked if it was his imagination or was the country now going to hell? I told him that he’s been on the road to hell all along. What he’s noticing now is a difference in speed. The Republicans drive the road to hell at 50mph, the Democrats do 75mph. Either way, both parties are taking us to the same place. The only difference is the speed at they travel. We’re now doing 75 and everything seems to be moving much faster than it was with old G. Bush…because it is!
As far as Fox goes, I’ll give you the words of my brother, the "expert" – "It’s about viewers and market share!" A lot of people are unhappy with Obama and Fox is the only network not engaged in offering nauseating homage to "the ONE!" Fox is the only show in town for such people and Fox is raking it in! And that audience is growing daily. But, as my brother put it, "if you truly believe in a cause, (ala Sean Hannity for example), you don’t charge 50 grand for an appearance."
No harm in cheering on Glenn Beck when he tears Cass Sunstein a new one, just don’t go out and buy Factor T shirts or Glenn Beck T shirts. These guys are not our friends.