From: Lunelle Siegel <>
Date: Wed, Feb 4, 2015
Subject: Please Investigate Florida Department of Veterans Affairs and
Cc: "Bryant, Robyn" <>

Attorney General Bondi,

Florida Statue 265.003 requires that the State of Florida act on the  nominees of the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame Council in ample time for the Florida Cabinet to act on the Council’s nominees so they could be honored in a Veterans Day observance.

The Council nominated 8 nominees, however Mike Pendergast and the Department of Veterans Affairs did not agenda the nominees with the Cabinet in 2014.

Furthermore, accounts are that he intends to violate the same Statue by excluding names of three nominees of the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame Council for discussion by the Florida Cabinet at its February 5, 2015 meeting.

As a 5th Generation Floridian I’m asking you to investigate this Department and their clear violation of Florida Law.

Additionally, I’m concerned the Cabinet, in adopting any nominees in acting on some nominees and not others would also be complicit in what appears to be an attempt by the Department of Veterans Affairs to exclude 3 of the Council’s recommendations simply because their service to Florida was when the State was not in Union with the united States of America, despite subsequent U.S. Congressional Acts that give all benefits of USA Veterans to Veterans of Florida and her sister states during the War Between the States as well.

Lunelle Siegel
606 Vanderbaker Road
Temple Terrace, FL