Injustice Beyond the Confederacy
Monday, September 28, 2009

In Cortez Austin’s Sept. 24 letter responding to Kathleen Parker’s column of four days before, he reiterated the usual "politically acceptable" diatribe against the Confederate flag. "How does one discount more than 200 years of the inhumane domination of blacks?" he asked.

Slavery did exist under the Confederate flag — for four years. It also thrived under the Union Jack for almost 200 and was constitutionally protected under the Stars and Stripes for 80. There is plenty of guilt to spread around about slavery, including some for African warlords who sold their own people into bondage. Those farm boys who were asked to charge up the slopes of Cemetery Ridge, knowing that many of them would be blown to smithereens, were not thinking, "It’s worth it if that plantation owner can keep his slaves!"

The U.S. military remained segregated for another 80 years. Were decades of sweatshop labor with no child protection in the North well into the 20th century okay? Slaveholders Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and many of their contemporaries fought to sever ties with the British Empire, but, oh, those evil Confederates, that’s different!


Winchester, Va.