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The Southern Heritage Activism Seminar held last Saturday, August 16th was a great success. Even losing a few to the Ten Commandments Rally in Montgomery the turnout was good, the agenda was interesting and informative and the participation from the attendees was well above average.

Some highlights are listed below:

Project Wave:

Elijah Coleman gave a demonstration of the Project Wave poles and instruction on how to erect these lasting and visible Memorials to Our Southern Heritage. A Project Wave effort is economical and feasible to start one in every part of Georgia. Keep it Flying. For more information contact: Elijah at:

Flagging. The number one recreational activity in Georgia.

As Elijah turned the discussion to Flagging, suddenly the now famous bull horn amplified voice (echoing up and down the halls of the Days Inn) of Tim Pilgrim announced the surprise visit of "Chicken Little" Perdue. He gave a great speech about how the Legislature did it!

Tim & Elijah presented a wealth of information on the dos and don’ts of flagging. Enough information for every part of Georgia to increase their flagging staffs and increase the number of TurnCoats who are retired from public office next year. To contact Tim Pilgrim:

Heritage TV:

During both morning and afternoon sessions, Jim Dean presented selected video footage of various Flagging and Heritage events. In the afternoon section there was a classic image of the now deposed King Roy. Sitting in his car with a sad look on his face the window showed an impressive reflection of a TRUE Georgia Flag flying in the breeze. Getting some this footage on the air could be a key element in the elections next year. To contact Jim Dean:

Dixie Outfitters:

Dewey Barber gave an inspiring talk about Dixie Outfitters and how it has become one of the largest Southern Products company in the country. Anger flowed as the details of the NAACP efforts to prevent their sale of Southern t-shirts was presented. To contact Dewey Barber:

Campaign Statistics:

The actual numbers of citizens in the ballot box to win or influence elections was presented by Mike Crane. Due to the steady drop in the percentage of voter participation the votes required is much lower than most people believe. On the average (some elections are higher and some are lower) 90% of all contested elections can be won with 22% of the eligible voters. A shift of 6% can sway the outcome of 80% of all contested elections. In primaries the numbers are smaller. To contact Mike Crane:

What happened and what we are facing:

The official spokesman of the SCV, Dan Coleman talked about how we lost the vote on our Flag this year and what we are facing to get a vote in the future. Dan probably spent more time under the Dome this year and his insight is very valuable. In future years we need more people under the Dome giving him a hand if we want to get our vote. To contact Dan:

History of the GOP in Georgia:

A brief history of how the GOP became a factor as a party in Georgia was presented by Jeff Davis. The way that roles of the parties and elected officials have changed over the past years is alarming. This trend has to be reversed and it has to be done, next years election will be very important. It is up to you, to get involved and keep the momentum going.

Your Turn!

The Seminar was well organized, planned and executed. The next step should be to repeat this on a regional basis throughout Georgia.
Get busy in your area, now, not next year.

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