Brain Laundries and Indoctrination Factories

by Al Benson Jr.

Over the years many have contended that government, or public, schools were little more than indoctrination factories for the New World Order. They were there to make sure the kids learned just enough to be good little worker bees and good little consumers, but not enough to really question what goes on. I surely don’t disagree with that sentiment. And I just recently read an article that bears this contention out.

It seems that, in the state of Oregon, some public high schools are now busily adopting Mexican public school curriculums, and similar overtures are also under way in Washington state, California, and in Austin, Texas.

Part of this program, according to is: "…an online Web site, DVDs and CDs provided free by Mexico to teach math, science and even U.S. history." Supposedly this is for Spanish-speaking students, but what it will end up doing in many cases, is to have two sets of students in one high school actually learning to different versions of our history–one written for the Mexicans and the other for the Americans. And you can bet these two versions of "history" will not agree with one another. When I first showed this article to my wife, her first comment was "Wonder what they will do with the Alamo." I have to admit that was my initial reaction also. You will end up with two sets of students in the same school reading two widely differing histories on many particular subjects. If you think you have problems with government schools now wait until you have had a few years of this program! Or, maybe they will just dumb down the history so much that both Mexican and American kids will get so bored with it they just sort of mentally drop out–although for some reason, I don’t think that will be the aim of the Mexican version of our history–only the American version.

This is just one more example of how government schools have subtly turned into propaganda factories.

One thing that really bothers me is that so many folks in the Southern Movement today continue to send their kids to government schools and flatly refuse to even consider removing them. They don’t like what the kids bring home for "history" and they gripe over the way information about the War of Northern Aggression is presented, but the thought of removing their children from these government propaganda factories they call public schools NEVER occurs to them. I seriously wonder if the thought ever occurs to them that if enough of them steadfastly refuse to remove their kids, then the Southern Movement may well perish with the next generation because there won’t be enough knowledgable people left to keep it alive. If you have your kids in a public school and have some means of educating them otherwise and don’t bother, maybe you better think about that.

Robert Thoburn, headmaster of a Christian school in Virginia and author of The Parent Trap has stated: "There is no way the government schools can produce over any period of time with their humanistic foundation. It is a foundation of sand and can not sustain a civilization." In writing about public school guru John Dewey, the professing socialist and atheist, Thoburn said: "Dewey wanted the religion of humanism in the state schools, and that is exactly what we have in the United States today. The public schools are anti-Christian. They are not anti-religious." Right on the money!

Christian parents, not only in the South, but all across the country need to begin to grasp the concept that "their" public schools are not and have never been really theirs. I remember years ago listening to a so-called Southern "patriot" give a speech about how we needed to "take back our public schools" so they could do what they were supposed to do. What shallow hogwash!!! This man had no concept of what he was talking about, but it probably sounded good to his audience, so he thought. Either he really didn’t realize, or want his audience to realize, I don’t know which, is that the public schools were and are doing exactly what they were founded to do–dumb down and indoctrinate students so they will end up hating the heritage of their fathers and grandfathers and readily embrace the New World Order garbage. That’s what government schools are doing in the South as well as everywhere else.

Folks, you need to begin to grasp the idea that public schools are not anti-religious–they are anti-Christian. Their founders were Unitarians and socialists and their promoters have been anti-Christian humanists. That should tell you something. The responsibility for educating children belongs with the parents–not the state and we need to grasp that truth.

Copyright © 2006-2007 Al Benson, Jr.

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