Re: Mr. McLendon’s Indivisibility Question
Your question, "Why, then, do we at our meetings affirm that the nation is indivisible?"  You made your point exceedingly well.  Well stated, and certainly SCV and other such organizations should not comply with the false and tyrannical political notions that brought death to so many of our family members who died defending freedom, justice and the true American ways.
Indeed, a free people are always divisible; however, we are not a free people now anymore than our ancestors were at the end of the War to Prevent Southern Independence. The true and painful conclusion is that when the United States Pledge of Allegiance was written there had not been enough free thinking people here to keep us free. Millions of those who were free thinking in the Southern and western States gave their blood and the blood of their children, male and female, to exercise their freedom of the right to government by consent of the governed.
Many of those who willingly pledge to "one nation under God, indivisible", likely as not, have not given the meaning much thought.  It is also likely that for several generations in their families they have been systematically indoctrinated (

[de]reconstructed) by our totalitarian fascist government.  The modern term we use for deconstruction is derascination. We should begin using this term more often.
The thinking of Southern people is still distinctive in many ways but the yankeefication of the Southern people has not been without some success.  Many in our dear Southern States simply no longer know how to think like free people and some who have figured out this issue may simply be too cowardly to stand tall against the majority. They know they will be accused of being "unAmerican" and this type of statement is always feared by the majority of people who have historically been subjugated by their empires.  There is indeed a "subjugation mentality" among conquered peoples, and it is no less true of us than it was true of minorities living in past empires that are now fallen.
Those who truly honour the heritage of their Confederate ancestors must of necessity and the very definition of terms be "American dissidents" within the American empire; otherwise, they are only recounting the history of the family and not honouring their family’s heritage. To speak thusly will bring down on ourselves much condemnation from many Southern people who we love  and work with daily, but among whom the media and public educational systems have been successful.
I believe you intelligently stated your convictions and I would encourage you to continue sharing this line of thought in whatever organizations you may be a member and certainly through public media sources that would be willing to print your thoughts.
Deo Vindice.
Timothy D. Manning, Sr.
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation