In defence of the secessionist traitors…

The liberal media continues to misunderstand the Tea Party movement and its insistence that the government return to its Constitutional roots.

by Michael Naragon

The following letter was written by the author in response to a column in The Covington (Ga.) News on May 6, 2009 ( :

Mr. Shipp,

I believe you’re right. If Mr.

[Rick] Perry and Mr. [John] Oxendine have explored the notion of seceding from the United States, they are rebels and traitors. And their names should become synonymous with others who are or were like-minded: Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Adams.

You used several names to demagogue those who have even suggested secession: “wacko,” “nuts,” “crazy,” “troublemakers,” and “haters.” Similar terms might have been used by more articulate Tory columnists about our Founding Fathers.

I realize that you’re in the newspaper business, and drumming up traffic for your failing paper is part of your job. But if you are going to troll, at least be historically accurate.

This secession movement is not a re-enactment of the Civil War, although a case can be made that the conditions now are very similar to those in the Antebellum years.

If anything, the secession sentiment espoused by what you would call a lunatic fringe is more akin to the philosophies of our Framers who, after numerous attempts at reconciliation with an oppressive government, took upon themselves the mantle of revolutionaries to etch out a free Republic.

This movement, as much as repetitive columnists and liberal blog sites would like to frame it, is not about President Obama. Many of those who are upset with their distant government began their intellectual journey long before our current administration assumed power.

It is not that those who entertain the “fantasy” of secession wish to leave the United States. These men are not traitors, as you would paint them to be. The real traitor is a federal government that has abandoned the Constitutional principles that it was founded upon. A federal government that has taken far more power than the “rebels” of 1776 ever intended it to have. A federal government that seeks to maintain its power indefinitely by legalizing millions (of the votes) of currently illegal aliens. A federal government that wishes to subvert the jurisdiction of the Constitution and the Second Amendment by passing the CIFTA treaty. A federal government that irresponsibly continues to spend the futures of our next generations in order to preserve and grow its own reach and strength.

Those who would hint at secession are loyal to the United States, Mr. Shipp. They are loyal to the United States as outlined in our founding documents. They are loyal to the United States that you apparently fought for and that millions of Americans died for. It is an insult to their memories to allow our United States to be transformed into something they would fail to recognize. Every effort should be made to keep that from happening.

However, if the government remains unpersuaded and persists on its present course of inevitable bankruptcy and downfall, the patriotic thing to do would be to preserve its memory in a living form, to rebuild the nation our Founding Fathers would be proud to have bequeathed to us and to our posterity.

In defence of our federalist Republic,

Michael Naragon

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