The Ignored Issue: A Spiritual Problem
Dear SHNV Friends,
The primary problem in considering The U.S. War to Prevent Southern Independence and Abraham Lincoln’s being an atheist is a spiritual one.  Historical witnesses, Lincoln’s own family members and closest friends, and Lincoln’s own “testimony” make it abundantly clear that Lincoln was not a Christian and that his war against the South was overtly and indisputably a “genocidal” effort against . . .
1. Southerners,
2. Christians and
3. displaced Africans of the African Slave Diaspora.
Yet, a few of us fight to stop our churches from singing the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” that was written to celebrate those events while still sending our children to church schools that reverently hang pictures of Lincoln in their classrooms, fly U.S. flags in front of the schools, classrooms, churches an sanctuaries and have our still “minor” children, day after monotonous day, pledge their tender and youthful allegiance to the U.S. federal governments flag. This is immoral.
The sacrilege is that most Christians see nothing wrong with this unGodly picture. There is no mercy for those who send their children to government schools and yet expect that this is part of preparing their children to inherit the Kingdom of God. They willfully embrace a deceptive illusion expecting a good outcome. It is no wonder Americans respond so poorly to the “Christian” outreach of American churches.
The real problem is this: We live in a time period where there is such a shallow level of spiritual discernment in today’s society and among nearly all members of today’s clergy that they . . .
1. simply cannot recognize an infidel or atheist when they see one, and
2. they do not recognize in Abraham Lincoln’s life and savage political leadership a genocidal monster when they see one. This is immoral.
First, If your church or your pastor thinks this genocidal monster is a Christian, then it is very likely that their spiritual views and their personal prayer life are too weak to be an encouragement to your spiritual life or that of your family members. This puts people in a very difficult and perplexing position with regard to being the spiritual leader of their own families. This is a problem that demands a truly Christian response which must be prayerfully considered.
Second, The truth is that we can worship God as easily at home as at church, but the problem is that we cannot enjoy the fellowship of many excellent and often struggling church friends while staying away from churches whose theology or practices offend us in some way. We desperately need fellowship with fellow believers and they need our fellowship and spiritual encouragement.
Third, even poor sermons usually have a least one thought that can strengthen us spiritually.
The obvious question comes, “How shall we then live?”
God will vindicate and He most often works through His followers.

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
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