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You’re not rebels, you’re ignorant
Chickasha Express Star, OK

To the editor:

I read Kent Bush’s amusing letter titled "You’re not rebels, you’re ignorant." To Mr. Bush I say, "Get a life," plus the following:

The U.S. flag flew over nearly nine decades of slavery; the Confederate flag flew over four years of slavery, but was in the process of being phased out. Slavery was not made unconstitutional in the U.S. until eight months after the so-called Civil War. As they say, do the math.

The U.S. federal empire flag also flew over atrocities committed against Southern civilians during and after the war, over the attempted genocide of American Indians, over the abandonment of American POW’s in Vietnam, and over approximately 45 MILLION aborted babies since abortion became legal. Many more atrocities and unconstitutional acts could be added to the list.

The Confederate flag, of which there were several, stands for Christian constitutional government, resistance to tyranny, and Southern heritage and culture. A few clueless idiots who misrepresent a flag, such as bigoted "rebels" who display the Confederate flag, do not define that flag for me. I am proud to fly the Confederate Third National flag from my home, the current national flag of the Confederate States of America, a nation currently under Yankee occupation since the CSA government never surrendered.

Get a real history lesson, people. The stuff we’re spoonfed in public schools and from TV, Hollywood, the media, and the government is Yankee propaganda. Do you not realize that winners of wars get to write the history books? Either learn the truth or else sadly cling to your favorite myths.

We who are true Confederates do not advocate bigotry or hate; we also make no apologies. Mr. Bush says that displaying this symbol on clothing, vehicles, or any other means needs to stop. Uh, too bad, Kent, we will display our Confederate flags and we are not going away.

Rodney Combs
Noble, OK

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