Re: Blacks That Fought For the South: Ignorant, Scared, Or  Forced?
I sent the following response to the drivel posted at–Ignorant-Scared-Or-Forced/Page1.html
Mr. Salas obviously doesn’t want his opinion confused by facts. Blacks were not fighting to defend slavery (what an absurd notion!) They fought to protect the only homes they knew. Lincoln’s so-called Emancipation was intended to have the military effect of causing the slaves that had been left at home to care for the women, aged and children, to rise up and either leave or else wreak havoc on the plantations and homesteads. The measure was a total flop on that count, demonstrating Lincoln’s total ignorance of the minds and hearts of the slaves who were overwhelmingly considered as family members, albeit of a lower state than the white family members. Lincoln’s speech had far-reaching political success, but none at all as a military measure.
Mr. Salas should label his tripe as "wishful thinking" and not publish it. There is already enough pollution in this world without his adding to it.