Ignorance is foolishness, not bliss
From: vaproto@optonline.net
To: decker351@hotmail.com
Wolfie, honey, I’m from New York and all my relatives are from the North. I have no Southern or Confederate family – but I know truth and facts when I see them and lies and fiction when I see them! Of course, I’m not surprised on your account as you are undoubtedly German and a ton of socialist/communist/fascist Germans fleeing from their failed revolution in Europe came over here to help Herr Lincoln who was, by the way, beloved of Marx.
The war is not lost; it is still being fought by all those who wish to limit the power of the central government. Will it be lost? Maybe so since the Founding Principles were certainly defeated in 1865. But there are those of us North and South who struggle on. If it is lost in the end, however, then a lot more than a “cause” will be lost: freedom will be lost; liberty will be lost; justice will be lost; the ideas upon which America was founded will be lost. The winners will be tyranny, injustice and, yes, slavery – this time of all men and not just a few – with no hope of “emancipation”.
Valerie Protopapas