Ignorance Breeds Ignorance

From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
To: karen.trout@roanoke,com

To the Editor:

I have read of late several op-eds regarding Confederate symbols in your paper, and although I am certainly a proponent of free speech and despise censorship I must admit I have been taken aback at the number of falsehoods that have been expressed.

As a person of Colour and certainly a member of a minority; (I am a Kaw/Osage mixblood American Indian) and I am always on the guard for hate, lies, as well as those who spread them.

Any individual who claims to be a historian, should always have their facts straight. To the individual who stated that the primary flag of the KKK is one of Confederate nature couldn’t be more wrong than if he were to say "pigs can fly." The primary flag of the KKK is the stars and stripes of these United States. They only stole the sacred flag of the Confederacy as well as the Bible, knowing quite well it would gain them more attention.

I know the Klan and how they think, I have had them in my face; believe me they hate Indians more than they hate blacks and Jews combined. Having worked in law enforcement, I have had considerable training as to how hate groups work. Primarily they exaggerate their numbers, they rely on intimidation tactics and play the press and media to their advantage. They have polished the lie that Southerners as a whole, especially those of us who continue to honour our Confederate ancestors are racists. Yet the modern Klan is headquartered in Gary, Indiana, and I believe their grand poo bah or head sheet wearer is a resident of Ohio. I don’t believe either of those states are of the South old or new.

I believe that the FBI as well as other law enforcement agencies have the statistics that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that more hate crimes are perpetrated in the Northern and Western cities than any of those in the South. Slavery was a terrible institution, yet it was a worldwide practice. Unfortunately, it is only remembered and made reference to anything Confederate.

If I have gone over your 200 word limit, please forgive me, and I ask special consideration if for no other reason than I am a person of colour who loves the South and wishes only to honour my ancestors. They were after all American veterans, and by law are to be treated with the same high regard and respect due any American Veteran.

I sincerely thank you for the use of your forum.

T.R. Warren
Bridgeport, IL

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