If you would be so kind
From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
Chuck Sir,
If you would be so kind, Pam and I would preciate you posting the link to a slide show of our wedding renewal ceremony that took place a week ago Saturday.

I ask this for a couple of reasons….First, because longtime SHNV and Southern American supporter, and Web hostess of "Song of Dixie" http://www.songofdixie.com/ one of the (in my opinion for whatever that is worth) finest websites in all of cyberspace.  She is also the author of “Mama’s Amazing Love"  http://www.mamasamazinglove.com/   the first book to touch my heart enough for me  to stay up all night reading in over 30 years.. Saying all that, most important to me and mine, she is like family to us, though we have never met, took the time over the Thanksgiving weekend to assemble a permanent keepsake of the most special day in Pam’s and my life, since the birth of our daughter Mayme.  We received so many emails and cards in celebration of the day, that I would be days thanking and sharing our Southern family individually.  So, from Sally’s kindness, came forth the greatest gift we received.
Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here who, day in and day out, took the time for Round 1 voting at

I know it has been arduous and time consuming; however, it rekindled a spark in my heart and soul that "thank you" falls way short of repaying the kindness and dedication.
To close, from my little family, from way behind enemy lines, to all the Southrons and to the Dixie we hold in our heart, asking you, please keep Christ in Christmas, and may y’all have the best New Year possible.
Warmest Confederate Regards,
T Warren
Heritage Officer, Capt. James Knox Camp 2022
Georgia Division, SCV
and Family