Great idea for Confederate groups
Joan, I copied this statement after clicking on your URL: "The SCV was founded in 1896 to honor and preserve the history and heritage of Confederate soldiers, sailors and marines."
Although I’m not a member of the SCV, I proudly fly the flag along with the Stars and Stripes. And I point out that 114 years have passed since the founding of the SCV. The SCV, just like the SAR and DAR, should not be lacking for qualified members. However, times have changed; and I hereby submit the idea that it’ not just the history and heritage of the Confederate soldiers, sailors, and marines that are being sniped at by malcontents, but it’s the history and heritage of Dixie and its Confederacy.
While we know that the Confederate soldiers, sailors, and marines were fighting for States Rights and their homeland, we also should recognize that there were a much larger number of people who were supporting them and for those same causes. Hence, perhaps the SCV should amend that statement to indicate that in 2010 the SCV broadened its goal to include honoring those civilians in Dixie.
We know that there are Muslims and malcontents on both sides of the Mason-Dixie Line, but we should not give them the mistaken idea that we only remember or honor military people.
w/r,  Tom