Dixie Outfitters,

Hi, my name is Brittany Davis and I really appreciate the effort that you and your company have put forth to help my fellow students and I with the hardship we are having to deal with. I attend Piedmont High school and I am a Junior. When I found out that we could not wear our confederate shirts to school I was very upset. I started a petition in my school to see how many people wanted the ban of our flag to be taken away because its not fair. I got over 250 people to sign the petition in less than 4 hours, this showed me how much my school wanted this to go away. I live in the country, the deep south. We have deep southern heritage in our school and even though we got told we couldn’t we all still wore our shirts and most got caught and received detention but they still have not stopped us and they probably wont ever be able to. I just wanted to tell you how much my friends and I appreciate what you and your company are trying to do for us. I sent my signatures from the petition and a paper on what I thought the flag really stood for and when I read yours it was creepy how similar my description was to yours, i turned it into the principle who told me she would send it the school board, I felt like my petition had been thrown away. No one said anything to me after I turned it in and I was extremely let down by my school administrators but that is just life but please, please, please do not give up on this, you are the only ones who can really change this for us so we are behind you one hundred percent so please keep pushing we need our heritage to live on through us and our future American citizens. It wouldn’t be fair to our soldiers who fought in the civil war for people to just forget about them. I WONT EVER FORGET WHERE I CAME FROM AND WHAT I STAND FOR. I cant do it own my own so thanks again for all the support that you are showing.

Brittany Parks Davis

Dear Brittany,

First, I would like to put your letter on our web site in the "interesting emails section". Do I have your permission to do so?

I am very proud of the efforts you have made thus far to preserve your Southern heritage. I suggest that you get your petition and position papers back from the principal and go directly to the school board with your grievance. It will take a lot of courage but remember the courage of our Southern ancestors who gave their lives for what they believed in!

I suspect your principal has not sent your petition to the school board. It is probably because your principal is the one responsible for this injustice and she does not want the school board to know of the problems it has caused.

Dixie Outfitters will not stop working to preserve our Southern heritage and we will not stop supporting the brave young people like you who stand up for what is right. I will be happy to write your principle a letter or support you any any other way that you wish. Just let me know how I can help.

Following is some good information about this subject. Look at it and educate yourself about your rights and the law.

1. Please Click here
This links tells you what you can do to educate the school administrators regarding our Southern heritage and steps that you can take to fight this injustice.

2. Contact the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization and report this heritage violation. Go to: http://www.scv.org/heritageChairmen.php
and contact the SCV heritage defense officer in your state.

3. Go to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) web site at: http://www.aclu.org
Look on the bottom left for the nearest ACLU office near you and contact them about your problem.
Read good information at the links below

Go to: http://www.aclu.org/FreeSpeech/FreeSpeechMain.cfm and read about your free speech rights

Go to: http://www.aclu.org/FreeSpeech/FreeSpeechlist.cfm?c=87 and read about some First Amendment victories by the ACLU

Go to: http://www.aclu.org/StudentsRights/StudentsRights.cfm?ID=13149&c=159 and learn about your student First Amendment rights.

4. Find a Freedom of Speech Lawyer at http://www.firstamendmentlawyers.org

5. Email to Kirk Lyons at the Southern Legal Resource Center at kdl@slrc-csa.org. This group may provide legal assistance and advice at no cost to you.

Go to http://www.slrc-csa.org. This group specializes in helping students who have been denied heir freedom of expression especially when it involves their Southern heritage.

6. It can be done. Following are recent emails and some links that show it can be done:

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———Links to good information————-

Please stay in touch and let us here at Dixie Outfitters know how the fight to protect your Constitutional rights is going.

Thanks for your email, your support of Dixie Outfitters and your willingness to fight for your FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS and your SOUTHERN HERITAGE

Best regards,

Dewey Barber
Owner, Dixie Outfitters

Hi Dewey,

I am so happy to recieve an e-mail back from you and I just want to say how much I really do appreciate what you are doing for us and yes I would love for you to put my letter on your website thank you so much for your support in the decisions that I made and will continue to make on this subject my friends and I graciously thank you for what you and your company are also doing to help us Southern people who know that this is wrong.

Thanks again,
Brittany Parks Davis

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