By Frank Gillispie – May 10, 2006

Do I remember correctly? I was under the impression that it is unethical for a political party to run advertisements supporting one of its candidates in a contested primary election. Yet the Georgia Republican Party is already running ads supporting Governor “Sunny” Purdue and basically ignoring the other Republican candidate, Ray McBerry. The Primary vote is set for July 18, 2006.

But they are not alone in this. Most of the state’s media outlets have ignored or downplayed his qualification to seek the Republican nomination for Governor. Recently I conducted an informal, in person survey of a number of Madison County citizens. Not one of them were aware of McBerry’s candidacy. In fact none of them had ever heard of him.

McBerry was born in Atlanta and has lived most of his life in Henry County. He is a born again Christian and a strong advocate of the “States Rights” principle of government. He is a self employed contractor in the advertising field working primarily with SBN Television in the South Atlanta region. In addition, he is President of DixieBroadcasting Radio, an internet radio station that features pro-south speakers and music.

“Politically, I consider myself a ‘constitutionalist’ – that is, I strongly support a return to the original principles of our Founding Fathers,” he said in his on line biography. “!” When elected governor of Georgia, I will represent the People of Georgia… NOT the interests of the downtown Atlanta establishment… and NOT the interests of the federal leviathan in Washington, D.C.” he said.

He opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants, pledges to support property rights by limiting the power of imminent domain, promises to use the office of governor to push for the ”fair flag vote” that the current governor promised then failed to deliver. He also supports the Second Amendment right of citizens to keep and bear arms. He opposes abortion, saying that life begins at conception and strongly supports displays of the Ten Commandments.

He is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and has been active in the effort to protect and defend our Southern Heritage.

Common opinion is that McBerry has no chance to defeat a sitting Governor. But then again, the pundits said that Purdue had no chance of defeating then Governor Roy Barnes. McBerry starts his campaign with the support of thousands of Southern Heritage activists. If they can act together to force the state’s big media to give McBerry a fair hearing he may have a real opportunity.

Even if he fails to win, McBerry is giving those who love the South and Southern heritage the voice they were denied in the state flag referendum.

If you want to learn more about McBerry, I suggest a visit to his web page,, You are not likely to get the full story of his campaign from the media.

And while you are at it, you might want to let your local Republican leaders know that you object to the party giving favorable treatment to one candidate while ignoring the other.

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