From: missourah_rebel@yahoo.com
To: joe@boycottalabamanow.com
Hey Joe Babiasz,
You claim your part of America wasn’t supported with bailout loan complicity. Yet you’ll deprive other parts of their livelihood and put small business owners who’ll never get Federal loans out of business? Why? Are you gonna lose your hard striked-for pension if they don’t get a loan? The only auto maker right now with any real claim to being “American made” is Toyota with 80% of their manufacturing & assembly right here in the uSA.
I find that your method of attacking the good Senator from Alabama is repugnant to common human decency and terribly thoughtless of others. I have participated in letter writing campaigns to great effect before. Why didn’t you try that method instead of punishing innocent people  instead of those you perceive to be guilty?
I say let every hungry child in Alabama whose parent has lost a job rest on your conscience. Whatever happened to union men being for the “little guy?” Or is that only when they pay their dues to that other big business we call “unions”?
From the Southron perspective it sounds like you just want to do what good Yankees do best: punish the South and her people for being right. The good Senator was absolutely right to oppose using taxpayer money to bail companies that cannot stay in business on their own. (And I say this as a proud step-son of a late Ford retiree who would very much miss that company’s products.)
You need to seriously rethink what you’re advocating.
Deo Vindice!
Matt McCune
The Dixie Diarist