Hurrah for the Flaggers!!!!!!


Hurrah, hurrah for Dixie:

To those men and women who dare to stand, who dare to be the patriots of the today’s South, I salute you!

You, in your zeal, in your dedication, in your willingness to take friendly fire from people who say the Charge, but won’t live up to the words, I commend you.

The grannies in the SCV, like the progressives – socialists – communists – atheists in America, have infiltrated the S.C.V.  They are more harmful to our Cause than the Yankees because their doubts, their negativism, their lack of commitment to vindication of the Cause spreads like a virus to men who should be standing morning formation with us.

Flaggers I must confess, you may have already stolen the position for the name I had hoped to give to men in the SCV willing to live the Charge.  I wanted to call us Vindicators!  The grannies vs. the Vindicators!  grannies vs. Flaggers.  Difficult choice.

There is so much we could do to carry the fight forward.  There is so much the SCV could.  Did the SCV hire lawyers and go to the IRS to modify our charter so that we could use raffles to raise money?  Has anyone ever walked into a Veterans Hall?  Do you see the gambling machines they use to make money!!!  I am not for gambling machines to make money for our Cause.  But certainly raffles should be acceptable.  Does anyone at the National ,possible under the auspices of the Heritage Defense Chair maintain an active list of locations where we have cause to fight the government.  Pt. Lookout in Maryland would be a perfect example, or the Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond?  Is there a standing list?

Should the national consider creating the position of Legislative Director?  Should the national encourage states and camps to create that position?  Absolutely.

Should the national engage a consultant to figure out exactly what means we do have, from top to bottom, to raise funds?

The flaggers remind us of what our real purpose is.  Re-enacting and living history is great, but re-enactor outfits can and do do that.  Parades are fun and we march proudly, but again re-enactor units can do that.  Our Charge is unique to the SCV, and it is vindicate -emulate – perpetuate the Cause.  That is much more and the Flaggers are leading the way!

God Bless the South,

Mark Vogl Black sheep 
(former Lt. Commander, TX before the grannies got me.)