By Olaf Childress

No doubt a “u.n.” flag would’ve rated banner headlines up front. But you had to thumb through 26 pages of the usual pap, before the Mobile Register found room on July 23 way down at the bottom for a story titled, “Confederate Battle Flag supporters gather for rally downtown.” They did cover both sides of a one-sided celebration rather evenly, however, with 2-1/2 column inches quoting some 200 flag supporters present, and 2-1/2 column inches for six dissenting Blacks across the street.

Remember the national news uproar that resulted in bringing the Confederate Flag down from that South Carolina state house? Bet you didn’t hear much about the 7,000 patriots attending a rally on those same Capitol steps telling state legislators to keep it flying, nor of several lawmakers and the Governor having been sacked by the voters for going back on their word to hang tough. Why did the mainstream media misrepresent a two-day event that started off by reading the names of over 26,000 South Carolinians who died in the War Between the States, and the next morning’s three-mile march from a Confederate cemetery to the Capitol steps led by bagpipers and a 92-year-old Confederate widow, Alberta Martin of Elba, Alabama?

The Mobile Register failed to note that the largest Confederate Flag in the world, unfurled by the Council of Conservative Citizens on that day in South Carolina, had come to Government Plaza in downtown Mobile. Its cameras looked the other way.

As you can see above, I viewed the Battle Flag, wasn’t offended by it and took this shot. On my way there, I might also have snapped Mobile’s five-flag display around the corner at Fort Conde/Charlotte House, but the the lady in charge, coming out to tell me the banner on the right was a CSA State Flag, not the battle flag, didn’t want to be in the picture. I can’t understand such squeamishness.

For all those other flags: French, British, American and Spanish, ruled this territory and became its enemies in turn, spilling the blood of our forefathers. The CSA Battle Flag was alone indigenous, opposing only the invaders. “It’s a symbol of racism!” How so? Slaves were shipped in under the Stars and Stripes on Boston clippers; is Old Glory a hate symbol? Maybe not, but for sure a better candidate than the flag shown here. Trampling our Southern heritage and history, mouthing the diatribes of Jesse Jackson and the NAACP as if those cash-raisers still had some legitimate purpose, the media continue pushing The Big Lie of their Wall Street internationalist keepers.

For instance, Foley Camp #1574 Sons of Confederate Veterans voted 700 to zip for a resolution requesting the mayor of Spanish Fort to include a Confederate Flag among that city’s historic flags on display, but couldn’t get the Mobile Register or the Pensacola News Journal to print it after the mayor opted for political correctness. What did those newspapers fear — that the lady at Charlotte House might cancel her subscription – or Bilderberg replace their editors? The First Freedom alone (in its October 1999 issue) printed that letter.

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