How to resist & fight
While Southern Heritage groups wonder how to combat the continual attacks on Southern history, heritage, culture & all symbols of it, only a handful show up at places like Memphis & Selma to demonstrate & protest those attacks.
S.C.V. has 30k members, add to this those of the League of the South, Order of the Confederate Rose, U.D.C. & all the other various Southern organizations & the streets & government meetings should be full of our members showing their displeasure over the things that are happening to Southern Heritage.
Besides taking our enemies to court there is also boycotting as a means to vote your unhappiness over these decisions by withholding your money. Spend your money elsewhere instead of those places that oppress & persecute you. Don`t spend your entertainment dollars in those places or even buy a hamburger or a loaf of bread until you are extended the same rights as everyone else. If you live in those places shop out of town until changes come to that town.
There are many ways to resist & fight back, these are but a few. I`m sure the rest of you can think of many more ways to dry up the dollars you spend in these places. If everyone can get on the same sheet of music & resist in every manner, no matter how small, you can make a difference.
However, this will take everyone doing these things, day in & day out until we get afforded the same constitutional rights as those who are trying to deny us the same American rights they enjoy. We can either do them or disappear.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama