“Many”? Err, How “Many” is “Many” Anyway?

From: wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com

It’s funny. Last week I returned from a trip to Petersburg Virginia where I visited with some old friends and my adopted Southron family. On the 17th, we all participated in a city-sponsored celebration honoring a local black Confederate, one Richard “Dick” Poplar. There were black participants at the ceremony as well as white ones. No one threw stones, no one complained; no one said they were offended. Even the (black) mayor showed up to say a few words. We all had a great time, and I for one was glad to see folks that I had not seen since I attended the last one in ’07. Yet, I keep reading that “many” African Americans are “offended.” Funny how the screed generated by the Will Huhn’s of the world fail to jibe with reality. In any case, I believe, as others in
this forum have stated before, that the Will Huhn’s of the world need to be called to task on this. How “many” is “many” anyway? What’s more, even if there are at least some who are offended, (which there are), where is it written that we are mandated to assuage their thin-skinned sensibilities?


Another pompous academic tells us how it is. Well Mr. Huhn, could you please elaborate a bit on your statement that "many" African American residents of Lexington "complained" about the flag; specifically, HOW "MANY" IS "MANY"? I hear the word "many" more times than I can count in articles like this one but no one seems to want to quote a figure or a percentage. Perhaps you could enlighten us on this matter Mr. Professore, instead of expecting us to simply nod our heads in mindless approval?

Next, assuming that a percentage of black folks do find the flag to be offensive, where is it written that those folks who do not find it offensive must bow to their wishes? Are not those who would like to see the flag of their ancestors on public display in the city also tax paying citizens? Do they not have the same rights as those that disagree with them? Again Mr. Professore, please point out where it is written that those from the second group must bow to the wishes of the first group.

Finally, as regards your point about the flag being "seized" by the kkk and by segregationists…. my answer would be "SO WHAT"? The kkk and similar groups don’t just use the Confederate battleflag, they use the stars and stripes. I don’t hear you p***ing and moaning about that.

And as far as segregationists go, allow me to give you a history lesson on the flag. It was a flag carried into battle by one of the most defiant combatants ever to grace the pages of military history, the Confederate soldier. He defied a military power which outnumbered him 4-1 in manpower and 10-1 in industrial capacity. He fought a courageous fight for 4 long years and if you doubt his tenacity, then I suggest you check the diaries and letters of yankee soldiers and officers.  "Defiance" was the key word in his struggle. And as such, the flag that he carried has been adopted by many groups and individuals over the last 150 years who have been looking to express their own defiance for whatever the reason. Segregationists used it to defy federal laws they saw as unconstitutional. Outlaw bikers have used it to express defiance to the rules and mores of the larger society. It has been used by Sudanese rebels in Southern Sudan and it was waved at the Berlin Wall and in the streets of Eastern European cities when the peoples in that region overthrew their Communist dictators.

It was and it still is, a symbol of defiance. And as long as there are self-righteous, self-serving, know-it-all doctrinaires like yourself running around, it will most likely continue to be used in this way.

Bill Vallante
Commack NY