So, just how exactly does the radical left work?
Good question, Glad you asked!
The current flag situation in Lexington is eerily similar to another event that took place in Auburn Alabama back in 2009.  A couple of sweet elderly women were out in a local cemetery, preparing for Confederate Memorial Day (In Lexington that would be the Stonewall Brigade Camp and Lee – Jackson Day) when they were suddenly confronted by Arthur Dowdell, an Auburn City Councilman. His statement was that a constituent had made a complaint to him about a Confederate Flag in a nearby graveyard and he was there to see for himself (In Lexington that would be Mayor Elrod and Professor Brodsky) then the Councilman began removing the offending flags from the graves of Confederate soldiers. (In Lexington that would be the Mayor’s efforts to ban Confederate Flags used in a similar memorial fashion)
When that story hit the media all hell broke loose, as it should, exactly as it is doing in Lexington, courtesy of Prof Brodsky and Mayor Elrod.
The Auburn story is here
Here is where the aforementioned question gets answered.
I read of this story, and was so angry that ANYONE would dare desecrate the grave of an American Veteran I went to Auburn to protest the actions of this Councilman and to speak my complaint in front of the City Council.
The record of what mostly took place is in this follow-up article where the errant Councilman was taken to task by everyone except his own family members
As you read, I made the trip and did a protest of the flag theft and desecrations. (FYI I am making the trip to Lexington to do the very same thing) Little did I realize that defending the honor of Veterans and the sanctity of thier graves would make me public enemy number 1 in the eyes of the far left, but that is what happened.
The main picture on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s page for "Neo – Confederates" is that of me taken during my protest of grave desecrations by the Auburn city councilman (me carrying a grave flag)
The radical left took a simple innocent picture and turned it into one advancing thier extreme agenda.
Imagine my total lack of shock when I discovered that Mimi Elrod openly supports the SPLC and their hate of American Veterans!  (Mr. Elrod’s obit notice directed mourners to donate to the SPLC)
Mayor Elrod, please inform your friends Morris Dees and Mark Potok I will be coming to Lexington, and am ready to pose for another picture during another protest of those seeking to dishonor American Veterans.
Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden