Survey: How do you feel about the Civil War?



Above is one of the greatest problems with our current society, culture, country and world. How do you FEEL about this, that or the other.  Frankly, what difference does how I "feel" make about the matter under discussion? Feelings are not any kind of criteria for any sort of intelligent discourse or decision. This sort of banality is a direct result of our liberal, "touchy-feely" culture which discards as quickly as possible anything that is difficult, no matter how necessary or correct, in order to fixate on "feelings."

The question should be, what do you THINK about the matter under discussion. The first thing anyone taking such a survey would discover is that he or she thinks little if at all not only about the "Civil War" (sic) but about almost everything else. Since one cannot correct something until one knows what is wrong, that would definitely be a step
in the right direction.