How About A New Approach (State Sovereignty)? The one we’ve been using ain’t working

By Al Benson Jr.

All through the summer and into the autumn and winter I have watched and observed how the federal government has displayed openly the fact that they have no interest in doing what they are supposed to be doing according to the Constitution. Federal actions, via Congress, the Executive Branch, and the rest show that this Marxist administration is bent only on grabbing power and control over our lives.

I have watched the growing "health care" debate and noted how our "elected representatives" don’t care a flip what the public wants. Their plan is to force a socialist agenda that has been handed to them on us instead of doing what they were elected to do. They know the American people at large flatly do not want what they are pushing–but they will continue to do it anyway, and quite frankly, to h___ with what the public wants. We will be forced to partake of what they want!  True freedom in post-America!

Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Pensacola, Florida writes fairly often on issues of national interest and he has recently commented on our present situation with some thoughts I think we should give consideration to. You can read his comments at

His recent comments on the situation in Sodom on the Potomac are rather along the same lines as my thoughts, except that he is more disposed to be charitable. He says: "Washington, DC is too far gone to salvage. Admit it! Washington is a cesspool, a landfill, and a putrid pond of corruption and duplicity. Neither the Republican nor Democratic Party will ever allow a principled constitutionalist  to become a presidential nominee." He’s right. Look how they treated Ron Paul and basically shut him out of the debate in the last election, and he was the only one that had anything worthwhile to say, which is exactly why they didn’t want the public exposed to him. This is not the first time such has happened. Both major parties are part of the same socialist clique, so you will get their globalist agenda no matter which party is in office. The rhetoric may be a little different but the game will be the same.

Pastor Baldwin noted a Rasmussen poll which stated that: "Seventy one percent (71%) of voters nationwide say they’re somewhat angry about the current policies of the federal government. That figure includes 46% who are very angry…The data suggests that the level of anger is growing.  The 71% who are angry at federal government policies today is up five percentage points since September…the 46% who are very angry is up 10 percentage points from September." These folks believe (and correctly so) that the federal government has become "a special interest group that looks out primarily for its own interests…" They also believe that it partakes of corporate fascism with its friends in big business (also correct).

How about this–last November Americans elected a Marxist as president and he has, in turn, placed Marxists in other key positions in the federal government (czars). Interesting he should choose that title for them. Shows his mindset. Granted, other presidents have appointed czars for posts here and there, but not as many as Obama has. He has a czar for everything from soup to nuts! We also have a Congress, also elected, that is dominated by socialists such as Nancy Pelosi, queen of the Democratic Socialists of America. This is easy to determine by the legislation being presented–all of which gives the federal government more control in critical areas–economics, health, etc. The collectivist power-grabbers fully realize we don’t like what they are doing. They don’t care. It’s as simple as that. They presently have the power, so they think, so they will do what they want to solidify that power–and all our protests will continue to fall on deaf Marxist ears.

So Pastor Baldwin thinks a different approach is needed, and I agree. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it–but if it’s broken beyond repair, then throw it out!

An observation made by Pastor Baldwin is: "…it is absolutely obligatory that freedom-minded Americans refocus their attention to electing State legislators, governors, judges and sheriffs who will fearlessly defend their God-given liberties. And, as plainly and emphatically as I know how to say it, I am telling you: Only the states can defend our liberty now! And awakening to this reality means we will have to completely readjust our thinking and priorities." I agree, but the problem is–will we be able to find legislators, governors, sheriffs, etc., who are honest enough and possess enough conviction to fulfill these duties?  Will we be able to find men to run for and fill these offices who really have a grasp of what’s going on in the country, men who really know the inner workings of those who control Sodom on the Potomac, and realize what they will need to do to protect their states from that?  There are some out there. Pastor Baldwin listed a few from various states in his article. But, presently, they are a mere handful. We need more, which means that we have got to start re-educating our future leaders by getting them out of the government school system and finding ways to teach them political reality. This can be done by informed homeschooling parents and by Christian schools with a proper worldview. Don’t plan on the government schools teaching them anything different than what we presently have. Government "education" wants educated idiots who don’t know anything and aren’t likely to find out anything that will rock the establishment boat.

One idea, according to Pastor Baldwin, is to start paying attention to what your state legislators are saying, more so than paying attention to what the talking heads from Washington and the "news" (what a laugh) media are saying. We might also add that we should also pay attention to what they are doing as well as what they are saying. And I would take it a step further. Start getting the attention of your state legislators by what you have to say to them–after you have educated yourself enough to grasp what goes on in the world. You can’t pass anything along to them until you are informed enough yourself to have something to give them. And don’t think that just because they are legislators they have all the answers–they don’t. A prime example of that is the arrogance in Washington. They think they have all the answers, too–at least all they want.

If Pastor Baldwin is correct, the one hope for America, North and South, is the resurrection of "State independence and sovereignty" (States rights). And you have to add to that the possibility of secession, which should not be far from our minds. Over thirty states have introduced some type of Tenth Amendment Resolution. What these states now need to do is to go beyond the resolution process and start passing state laws that will put teeth into those resolutions.

I understand, from the news I received this afternoon (12/19) that the Senate leadership has now bribed, threatened and blackmailed enough senators that they will be able to ram their socialist health care program through. What we need in this case are state legislators who will have the guts to tell the feds their states will refuse to take part in it. So let’s see where we go from here–liberty or slavery!

Content ©2009  Al Benson Jr.

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