Compatriots and Friends:
As most of you are now aware, every year since 1988, the Johns Hopkins University has rented  the Clipper Room in Shriver Hall,  or on several occasions another facility,  to the Son of Confederate Veterans to hold  our post ceremony social gathering following the Annual General Lee and General Jackson Birthday Ceremony.
However this year is different. The John Hopkins University has refused to rent the Clipper Room,  or any other facility, to our organization.  The reasons given, by Johns Hopkins are we carry  the Confederate Battleflag of our ancestors on their campus and the ceremony is "offensive."
The following is a summary of  the various blogs, stories,  and Editorials related  to this issue. I thought it would be useful to have this information all in one place. Please post comments , vote,  and send your letters and e mail as you have time.
We will try to keep you updated as new information is received and as we make progress on this important Heritage issue.
1.  Gregory Kane. There is a Comment Section
The JUG/SCV controversy could be worse
Gregory Kane can be reached at gregkane@mac.com
Send a letter to the editor: balt.letters@baltimoreexaminer.com
Baltimore Examiner, MD
2.  Baltimore Sun Editorial
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3. Old Virginia Blog

4.  Jeff Quinton Blog
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5. Robbie Whelan (Nasty) Blog
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6.  Baltimore "Sun"  article,  Re: Hopkins, Thursday.  November 20, 2008 
7.  You may also express your concern  directly to  Johns Hopkins about this unjust decision to the following:
Mr. William R. Brody
The  Johns Hopkins University
Office of the President
242 Garland  Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218
Phone:  410-516-4351
Email address: wrbrody@jhu.edu
Mr. Dennis O’Shea
Communications and Public Affairs
Phone 443-287-9960
E mail address dro@jhu.edu

The one thing I can assure you is that the Annual General Lee and General Jackson Birthday Ceremony will  be held on Saturday January 17, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. at the General Lee and General Jackson monument in Baltimore.  We will not be deterred from honoring these great Confederate heroes and all our Confederate ancestors that served their Cause.
Elliott Cummings
Col. Harry W. Gilmor Camp #1388
Baltimore, Maryland