Hi Chuck and readers,

This past Saturday our camp held our annual Jefferson Davis Birthday Picnic (belatedly). Our special guest was Miss Katelynn Skillas, the young lady who has been persecuted for her Southern heritage at Eustis High School here in Lake Co. Fl. I had invited her and her folks, hoping to get to talk to her in person to find out more about what was going on at her school. She graciously accepted and agreed to give a presentation to the group about her experiences. She had also brought a report that she did about Southern heritage, that the teachers at her school would not even grade. I read the report and was greatly impressed with her knowledge of the issues, and I asked her if she would also read that to the gathering. She gave a very disturbing account of several incidents of blatant persecution that she endured at what is supposed to be a center of learning, but has apparently turned into more of an indoctrination camp. Miss Katelynn later read her report and received a standing ovation from the crowd of about 30 ladies and gentlemen from several local camps of SCV and OCR who had come to celebrate OUR Presidents birthday. If Miss Skillas is any indication, there is hope for the future, because this young lady is not only knowledgeable about her Southern heritage, she has the guts to openly proclaim and defend it. Needless to say, we had already begun contacting school officials about this, but now, after meeting Miss Katelynn and hearing first-hand what she has been subjected to, we will pursue this to a just conclusion, if that’s possible in today’s sick world. I just wanted to share this with you and all the good folks who read SHNV to show that not all of our Southern youth have been brain-washed to hate themselves and their culture.

Cmdr. Terry Binkley
Pvt. W. R Milton Camp 741 SCV
Lake Co. FL.