RE: Honoring God Above The State
Dear SHNV Friends,
There are a few areas of thought in which the “Reconstruction” of both northern and Southern people has been wickedly successful much to our disgrace. Reconstruction began as an imperative by the radical Republicans to retain political power over the Democrats during and after the end of Lincoln’s War to Prevent Southern Independence.
Reconstruction continued the war, the rape, the looting and the enslavement of all Southerners, but now the men of the Confederate States of America were disarmed and could not defend themselves, their families, their property. They could no longer resist USA tyranny. Southern men fought to resist a foreign invasion of their countries by a tyrannical USA.
A most conspicuous practice in this regard is that most people no longer know the difference between patriotism, legitimate nationalism and the radical and bogus supra-nationalism that so distinguishes Americans during my generation. The sole duty of men after 1865 was to support the central government of the USA. The "Reconstruction" process of social, religious and political devolution began almost immediately following the Lincoln’s War to Prevent Southern Independence and has been shamefully successful to the moral, spiritual and social hurt of the Southern people.
Recently I posted the following note on my FaceBook page, “As I pass church after church while driving through eastern and Southern States I notice that 1) many churches fly the USA flag outside of their church and do not flag the Christian flag at all outside of their churches and educational institutions, and 2) that all churches that fly both the USA flag and Christian flag outside ALWAYS fly the USA federal flag in the superior position of highest honor. Both practices are clearly idolatrous.” This is also the common practice in church school classrooms. Many classrooms are more likely to have pictures of Abraham Lincoln rather than pictures of Moses, Abraham, David, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John or Paul.

Typical of the most Reconstructed folks is the note I received from _______________ saying, “No, Tim – It’s a matter of protocol as stated in the flag code. It’s a matter of law – – ‘render unto Caeser’ and all that. I don’t see the big deal. We don’t dip our national flag to anyone either – – though our President seems to bow a lot – – but that’s him as an individual who doesn’t understand just how offensive that gesture is to those of us who would bow to no one.” This gentlemen fails to recognize how offensive it is to exalt the symbol of the USA Government over that of God. He left out the most significant portion in his reference to a portion of that Scripture, and that is “and unto God the things that are God’s.” It is the second portion of that text is clearly the most important for all believers in God.
His view IS NOT "the protocol" that is legally necessary in the USA for churches, not that his point really matters. God’s sovereignty over earthly governments and people is always superior. A flags position and placement testifies to a great deal of truth. Our support to a state government must never be seen as superior to our responsibility to or allegiance for our God. This is why the Christian flag is NEVER permitted to be bowed to any civil flag of any kind.
This note was from a Southern man who is an atheist. He has a sincere love of much that the South stood and stands for, but does not recognize that the foundation of western civilization was secured by and on Biblical principles. It does not occur to him that his view of government and its flag is a violation of our right to freely believe in God and practice freely our Christian faith.

The Bible is the supreme standard of protocol for any and all civilized societies and people. I believe that people today generally lack an informed concept of and appreciation for the sovereignty and holiness of God. I find that flying a civil flag at and/or in the houses of worship of the living God who rules the universe is offensive and lacking in Biblical perceptions that are vital to being faithful in our honouring a Holy God.
Flying a national flag on the property of churches, religious institutions of education and in those churches and institutions in the USA is recent practice that largely took shape following World Wars I and II. The desire to fly the flag of a national government (it is not even the flag of a people) is a new and novel idea that was adopted by radical supra-political nationalists and socialists who believe that the central secular government should be sovereign and reign supreme. This was exactly the line of thought of Abraham Lincoln and many, if not most of today’s Southerners, have bought into the big agnostic yankee and socialist lie.
If you attend a church where this would need to be explained to your pastor, then it is likely that your pastors insights into other spiritual matters are just as lacking as his inability to discern the secular from the sacred. Such pastors are a shame to the Christian ministry.
I have taught theology and trained Bible translators and pastors for most of 43 years and cannot legitimately consider this issue apart from Biblical theology and principles, church history and Christian practices. I have often told my students that if Christ were here visiting our churches today that I am not sure He would recognise that Christianity has survived in the United States, north or South.
The gentleman then responded, "I think that too many people try to tell me what Christ would think. But, this is all a matter of opinion and you’re entitled to yours. We’re still that much of a free country."
Apparently I am not the first religious person to object to his secular “religious” views. We would be wise to realise that it is not unusual for secular, atheist and agnostic people to quote the Bible to Christians in a deceitful or even sincerely and "well-meant" but bogus and ill-conceived  effort to undermine the traditional spiritual views and practices that created what we call classical western civilization.
The testimony of informed and well-reasoning Christians is no longer welcome even in some communities of the South and in nearly none of the communities in the rest of the USA. This testimony is even rejected in most churches, but that does not mean that the testimony is not timely, needed and true.
The fallacies here are several. It is apparently OK in the USA and the western world to force agnostic and atheistic political views on our people and tell Christians how they are to honour their civil government on church property and inside their houses of worship. They no longer consider it a violation of God’s Sovereignty and Holiness to place a secular government symbol in a position specifically defined as “superior” to the symbol of God even in His houses of worship. Sad to say it is church members who tolerate and even encourage this dishonourable practice.
This practice is widely accepted in the north and in the Southern States and it is clearly and indisputably a spiritual and intellectual absurdity. The Christian flag should never stand as secondary in our churches, schools, parades or any other place it is flown. To do so is to bear public testimony that the power and authority of the not-almighty earthly state is superior to the sovereignty and authority of our Almighty God. This is idolatry and invites the judgement of God on our people that may well be more severe than what we have recently or ever seen and experienced.
The character of God was fully vindicated at the Cross. Where will you be when God vindicates His people?

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