Honor the pledge

From: torpenhow@charter.net

Every time I see an article further accusing Wal-Mart of moral turpitude, I send it to SHNV. EVERYBODY PLEASE DO THE SAME. It reminds us of one of the things that’s eating us alive — rootless corporate greed and tyranny on a Herculean scale — and of who good Southerners can and can’t do business with. Here’s a story on how China-Mart is eating a Missouri family for half a million dollars in desperately-needed insurance money. Nice people!


For those who’ve come to SHNV since the original China-Mart crisis, here’s the story in a nutshell: in 2000 when SC legis-traitors bowed to PC by removing the Confederate flag from the state house dome, a legendary Dixie defender, Constitutionist and barbecue sauce mogul, Maurice Bessinger, defied them by placing a huge C-flag permanently on a pole above his restaurant headquarters a few miles from said capitol building. The "new world order" death angels responded fast: the media noised up the LIE that our hero was calling for a return to slavery. Led by Wal-Mart, all large grocery chains in the South except Ingles suddenly announced that because of this lie, they were no longer going to carry Maurice’s retail food products, killing half his income and making sure a non-aligned business didn’t go national, as Piggy Park was about to.


This affair was more than cruel or unjust: IT WAS PROOF THAT WAR OF YANKEE AGGRESSION HAS NEVER ENDED.

How many of us are still honoring our pledge never to patronize any grocery store but Ingles — above all avoiding China-Mart? I’m told their prices are a little higher, but to me it’s worth it. I for one am sticking to it. OK, a handful of times I’ve needed a couple items fast when there was no Ingles around, but I doubt I’ve even spent $100 at all of them combined during the 7-8 years of the crisis.

Boycotting China-Mart is of course anyone’s patriotic duty, and I’m sure millions of people nationwide are doing it. Just checked the oracle of public sentiment, Youtube.com, and as I expected the shows look heavily negative against the corporate beast. The very first one’s title is "F— Wal-Mart"… an X-rated talk by a liberal twit who nevertheless urges people to use every mode of activism to broadcast the news about the embattled MO family. Some others are segments of the documentary "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices".

Newcomers, it’s not too late to join the effort. Longtimers, don’t pledge allegiance to the Confederate flag at your next SCV meeting if you’re not honoring the Ingles pledge!

Ingles means nothing to me aside from this, by the way — I have no relatives working for them and preferred another chain before the crisis. Am interested in only one thing here — saving the South from destruction by goons of PC in media, government and business.