We must honor our Confederate dead

Saturday, May 02, 2009

April 26 is designated as Confederate Memorial Day in the state of Georgia, and is an official holiday for state employees. On April 29, Gov. Sonny Perdue signed Senate Bill 27 into law, designating every April as Confederate Heritage and History Month in the state of Georgia. Kevin wonders why.

We recently held our annual Confederate Memorial Day service at Magnolia Cemetery in Augusta, on April 18. In my opening comments, I stated the reason why we were having our Confederate Memorial Day service:

"We are here today for one purpose, and one purpose only, to honor the Southern heroes who lie among us in this hallowed ground. To honor the Southern heroes whose blood was spilled on the battlefields, from Vicksburg to Gettysburg, and whom never came home or were heard from again. To honor the men who were paroled, from Appomattox to Elmira, and who came home to a desolate and destroyed nation. Let us not forget the women, who watched as their homes where burned, and most certainly fought and died to protect their families.

"Most, if not all of us here today are descended from these great men and women, our Southern heroes. Never forget them, never bring dishonor upon their name or deeds, and always remember the sacrifices they made, the legacy of independence they gave us, and as their sons and daughters, it is our duty, our duty, to see that these Southern heroes are never forgotten!"

Also, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides free headstones to mark the graves of Confederate soldiers. This is Kevin’s tax dollars at work. he should keep working and paying his taxes. I thank him for helping us to place headstones on the graves of our Southern heroes!

Lee Herron

Edgefield, S.C.

(The writer is commander of the Brig. Gen. E. Porter Alexander Camp No. 158 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Augusta.)