So, the Mecklenburg Politburo is yet again imposing its will on the people through lies, deceit and subterfuge. Comrade Syfert has issued her dictum. The flag is to come down. The special interest race baiters win again. But what is a trivial little thing like death and honor anyway? The clamor of the offense-takers drowns out the rights of many and the agenda rolls on. We must be tolerant, inclusive and diverse, unless of course we disagree with you, so shut up.

Afro-American Cultural Center – millions of dollars; a battle flag over the graves of Confederate soldiers – $0; pandering to one group while quashing another and getting away with it – priceless.

The conduct of our city leaders during this flag flap is shameless and outrageous. Our elected officials are without honor. They show nothing but arrogant contempt and utter disregard for the wishes of the people of this city. Do I see a pattern here?

Many are offended because the Battle Flag has been used as a symbol of hate. No one is more offended by this than those who truly believe in what it stands for. Many men died fighting for their freedom under this banner. Was the Civil War fought over slavery? It depends on whom you ask. For the North, it was about economic power and control, for the slaves it had everything to do with slavery. For the men that fought and died on the battlefield under that flag, it had nothing to do with slavery. It was about independence, states rights and self-determination. Yet we are expected to believe that these men were willing to die so a few rich guys could have slaves. Nobody is asking for a Robert E. Lee holiday or a white history month. Nobody is asking for millions of dollars for a white Southern-American Cultural Center. Their descendants ask nothing more than to be left in peace to honor their war dead in the traditional manner. There are a few who seem determined to take that away from them, all in the name of tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness of course.

Andy McAlister