Civil War history: Honor BOTH sides

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As many of you know, the Mecklenburg County Commission (Charlotte, NC) has voted to declare the week of May 9 "Confederate History Week."

Two letters were published concerning this in the Charlotte Observer on Sunday. One headed "Civil War history: Honor BOTH sides," provided a negative slant to the occasion. The writer asked, "How can we celebrate the Confederacy in this day and age?"

Anyone so inclined to counter this letter can send your replies to Letters-to-the-Editor of the Observer at This paper needs to be bombarded with letters this week. Just remember to keep your letters to no more than 150 words. Long, rambling epistles will never get past the editor’s delete key. They want short, to the point, pithy statements.

Think about this: Why is it okay to have Black History Month, but it’s terrible to some folk when we ask for one week for Confederate history?

Bill Ward
Rowan Rifles Camp 405
Salisbury, NC