Dear Friends and Compatriots:
I’m glad to report that there isn’t much to report. Today, I got off a twelve hour night shift and loaded my flags up. I arrived in Homestead at about 10:00 am and found a business I thought might be southern sympathetic and asked permission to park my pick up next to the parade route and they agreed.

I popped down the tailgate and secured one of my 4X4 square infantry battle flags and a 3×5 Navy flag to the side of the bed, With a lawn chair on the tail gate I had an excellent view of the parade and they had an excellent view of me.
One police officer walked by and we waived, We recognized each other from the Rodeo. Two police officers walked by and kept on going, not even giving me a second look. One person from the Navy stopped and we talked for a few minutes about the military. A family and I talked for a few minutes about how important it is to teach your children Southern History at a young age as the schools don’t. The most pleasant conversation was with an Army Major about the package I had. In it I have obituaries and photos of 3 friends that came home in body bags from Nam and one from Desert Storm. I told him I take my memories and dead friends to the Veterans Parade as much as I can (almost every year). It’s my way of remembering them. I think if he weren’t in public and if he were in uniform it would have brought tears to his eyes, Instead he was just speechless for a minute. No one from the news media stopped by or was even visible.
The parade was less attended than in past years. Participants were also less or at least not as big. It was over in less time that in previous years. Walked down to the church and the reviewing stand was less crowded than in previous years, I guess less VIP’s or dignitaries.

Of the people on the side of the road that I could identify, there was one black family with children, one couple and one black police officer seen. There were seven Mexican families and four groups of males.  I believe three Cuban families and two Cuban couples. Two Anglo families and several other Anglo folks scattered. The Latins far out numbered everyone.
This was my very uneventful day. I went and conquered in my own small way and hardly anyone noticed. I got home at about 4 pm and finally got some sleep. We may not have been in the parade but at least we were represented on the side. Is there hope for next year? I doubt it………….
Yours in History and Southern Pride
Mike Mitchell
From the way it sounds, there might not be enough interest next year to hold a parade whether or not the SCV is involved. Do we see a pattern emerging here? Is the assault against Southern heritage also destroying American heritage? Certainly, the demographics don’t look good for any kind of heritage related to this country, North or South.