The holy cost of genocide
To: Shaun May, <>
Brotman-Winter-Fried Communications
cc. Sikhs for Justice, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10118
Pannun Law Firm
75-20 Astoria Blvd, Suite 170
Jackson Heights, New York, NY 11370
Greetings, Shaun. I’m glad to hear that someone in the fedgov is willing to stand up for verified (!) innocent (!)  victims of genocide, but fear Rep. Sherman’s priorities are out of order.
On principle I deplore verified (!) instances of genocide everywhere, which for the past century, of course, means most notably communism’s attempt to wipe out humanity and eradicate Christianity. But also on principle I feel every country’s main focus regarding genocide should be on the cases that it itself has perpetrated, either on its own people or others — and on any actual (!) genocide committed upon itself.
In ameriKa’s case, the fedgov is generations behind in giving recognition to the main (!) genocide on its vast, sprawling criminal record: the so-called American Civil War. And until Congress is willing to admit to at least that geopolitical rape/murder and deal meaningfully with its unending legacy of tyranny and violence, I’m afraid neither Brad Sherman or anybody else in government has any business sending a letter like this.

You laugh? I wouldn’t. A country that treats innocents as the yankees treated the Confederate States of America will do anything to anybody. And the record shows that the “Civil War” was merely target practice for bigger, more mindlessly vast assaults.
It’s bad enough that Babylon-on-the-Potomac committed such horrors on its own former citizens in the 1860s, but it’s surely mind-numbing how that entity has continued the abuse on a more limited, better-camouflaged scale since, the evil of it building in a crescendo of global tyranny and brutality for most of the past century – witness its present “wars” on innocent women and children in the Greater Middle East.
At least in the “Civil War” Babylon-on-the-Potomac had only 19th-century munitions with which to decimate the South. Now it uses “depleted” uranium to permanently ruin environments and cause miscarriages and ghastly birth defects in them for the rest of time. Now, THAT is genocide – in an age that supposedly avoids nuclear war as the most heinous thing possible on earth!
Yes, the War of Northern Aggression is the only genocide or “holocaust” with which Babylon-on-the-Potomac should concern itself until it comes clean and makes such restitution to the South as remains possible. There are other ameriKan genocides waiting in line, from General Sherman’s post-War drive to ethnic-cleanse the plains (a program that lasted via other diabolical means well into the 20th century) through the fedgov’s 1898 assault on peaceful Spain, its 1899 rape of the Philippines, its gross exacerbation of two world wars and perpetration of the so-called Nuremburg Trials, up to (among others) its fomenting of anti-Southern bigotry and dispossession today.
These matters all fall under the Genocide Convention itself, but strangely, the “kinder gentler” ameriKa the first President Bush proclaimed has only gotten more murderous, now indeed being sworn to the slashing of world population to a fraction of its present size.
I wish the Sikhs well in their informational campaign, but candidly, I don’t think they have any business operating in New York City – especially if the justice they seek has anything to do with ameriKan taxpayers.
Thank you, Shaun.
Nelson Waller, M.Mus.