Friday, October 14, 2011
How Hollywood fried our brains

"White men captured Africans and sold them into slavery."

"The Confederacy seceded so it could keep its slaves."

"The Civil Rights Movement pulled blacks out of poverty."

If you got your history from Roots, or, Lord help you, from Ken Burns, the three "facts" listed above are just some of the flotsam that’s seeped into your consciousness thanks to the entertainment/indoctrination industry. In fact, Europeans bought their slaves pre-enslaved from African traders, the South sought to escape economic and political domination from the industrial North, and the Civil Rights Revolution did not boost black’s economic or educational progress — and in fact, can be proven to have made things worse for many blacks.

Nevertheless, people believe those things, and will argue violently if you try to point out the truth. After all, they saw it on TV.

This article from AlterNet suggests that little nuggets of propaganda inserted in emotional stories tend to burrow into our minds and stay there. The entertainment industry is notoriously pro-big government and leftist (oops! I repeated myself). So the next time you see your kids staring blankly into the idiot box, ask yourself if you’d let them nibble poison, then do what a parent is supposed to do.

And by the way, the process works on adult brains, too.

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