RE:  HK’s Coffee Table Book.

Just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful HK’s Historical March Across Dixie book is!
I received mine (and mom’s Christmas present – shhhhh don’t tell her) Friday and read every word and studied every picture.  This morning I put it proudly on my coffee table.  It has a glossy cover, and high quality glossy pages with all color pictures.  The back even has pages of press coverage the march received.
If you haven’t ordered a copy, please email HK’s brother, Terry Lee to see if he has any left.
It would make a great office lobby book, or gift for anyone, and of course all Confederate defenders should have their own copy as it is chock full of happy people with HK and his beautiful flags (of all colours).   Donnie Kennedy is mentioned, as well as others who where in the "20 mile club" along HK’s journey.
Lunelle Siegel