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From: HK Edgerton <hk.edgerton@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Dec 3, 2011
Subject: Re: HK have you seen this?
To: Rocky D <rockyd@knology.net>

Dear Rocky D,

I have seen it now a thousand times. I applaud the young man, and the help he has attracted and attention to an unjust situation that a great deal of my babies face . The fact that he is Black makes no difference to me. This young man incorrectly thinks that the threat of a big law suit scares these people. The American judiciary and those who eat from the horse trough who run it have made a mockery of law as they climb into bed with those who manipulate Law Cases like Tinker vs. the Des Moines, Iowa School Board of Education.
I have seen these educators shy away from teaching these babies the truth, instead opting to create environments of their own doing that would satisfy the Courts that there would be disruption in the teaching process with the presence of the Confederate Battle Flag in any capacity.
The Honorable Kirk D. Lyons, Chief Trial Counselor for the Southern Legal Resource Center, argued in Federal District Court over 15 years ago; "first the Confederate Flag, then the Christian Cross, then the American Flag, and then the Jewish Star; you are going down a slippery slope with this attack on an American icon". And now Rocky D, it has come to pass.
I am not surprised by this young man’s stance. Take a look at my little brother’s new Pictorial Documentary book of the Historic March Across Dixie, and it’s clear that there are many more just like this young man who make this Stand in Dixieland. The problem Rocky D is from within, not the outside. Southern White folks in far too many numbers have come to believe what those who hate the South write and say about the loyalty of Southern Black folks to our Flag and to them. They have underestimated that loyalty, and so have the Puritans.
Nobody can make us get rid of our Flag, or the memories of our honorable ancestors who gave of their lives in its service, whether they were free or indentured. The only way that can happen is that traitors like Mimi Elrod, Mayor of Lexington, Va. are allowed to sit in politically appointed positions . We need to take a page out of the book of the citizens of Reidsville, N.C.; form a Political Action Committee and take back our communities and honor. The judiciary will get the message.
I’ve seen courage. Young Candice Yvonna Hardwick of Latta, South Carolina has more courage in her toe nails than Audie Murphy had in his whole being,  However, we the Southern people let her down after the smoke cleared, as  she stood against those who would dishonor the dry bones of her ancestors, and the flag they served under in defense of their home; beat her down.
Remember what Mitt said: "I wouldn’t fly that thing", referring to the Confederate Battle Flag. Let’s see how much money and how many votes that Southern people support him with in his run for the White House. Ricky from Texas; his actions and rhetoric against the Southern Cross are akin to Mimi Elrod. And he and Mimi join in the ranks synonymous to Benedict Arnold and Judas. However, let’s see how much money and support that Ricky receives from Southern people. God bless you, and good luck to this young man as he makes his Stand in Dixieland for what he believes in.
Your brother,