HK Edgerton


In regards to the picture in the P. I. on 2-15-2008 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 3000 awarding Richard A. Stewart of Petersburg the 2008 H. K. Edgerton Black History Month Award for his honesty in teaching of Southern history is well deserved. We have too many half-truths and outright Lies being told by People, Cities and Organizations today in their supposed "Cultural HOLOCAUST" concerning Southern Heritage and Culture. Unlike some folks in Southern organizations that "talk the talk" but don’t "walk the walk" when it comes to displaying Southern symbols out of fear of reprisal or just being politically-correct in today’s society , I can say for sure that H.K. Edgerton isn’t one of these people. H. K. Edgerton is a Black man, the descendent of slaves and a former NAACP officer. He also at one time was Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the Southern Legal Resource Center, ( an organization that tirelessly advocates for Southerners’ Civil Rights. H. K. has carried the Cross of Saint Andrew (Confederate Battle Flag) in 2002 and marched 1,606 miles from Pack Square in Asheville, N. C., to the Texas Supreme Court Building in Austin, Texas, to demand the replacement of two Confederate plaques that had been removed. H. K. has attended NASCAR races where he gave out Confederate Flags in protest and walked thousands of miles with the Confederate Battle Flag to bring the Real Truth of our Heritage to people of all races. His most recent March Across Dixie included a stop in Jena, La. where he declared (Hate will Destroy the Ones Doing the Hating.) H. K. just recently celebrated his 60th birthday and at his own personal expense and time he works tirelessly for All Southerners. He has founded a corporation ( to inform the public about our shared Southern Heritage and Culture. I urge All to support H. K. Edgerton and the SLRC in their quest to Protect and Preserve our Honorable Heritage and Culture in this day of supposed "Cultural Diversity." Have a Dixie Day.

Bob Kline
Colonial Heights, Va.