From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Wed, Jul 13, 2011
Subject: Re: HISTORY You Were NEVER Taught- More of the Hidden Truths!
To: Richard Gaines <>

Dear ‘Gunny’, (hundreds bcc herein),
Thank You for providing us with this information (below herein) and making us aware of another ‘group’ of Confederates who may be unaware of us and what we are doing.  May I rely on you to so inform them in order for our Communications Network to be advanced?
Dear Brethren, (hundreds bcc herein),
Here is another expose (below) into that which Y’all have been denied.  The sooner y’all understand the magnitude and majesty of the Confederacy, and it’s IMPORTANCE, the sooner y’all will understand How & Why the current Political Conditions in the U.S. came about and the Evolution that has lead up to TODAY, the People involved, and the THINKING that has brought us to the edge of this Black Abyss.  The sooner it is understood by one and all, the better OUR collective chances for Survival will be.
I understand the difficulty in ‘coming to grips’ with Reality.  Human nature is such that any realization is often first discounted for fear of change in of itself.
But, the same Reality of Responsibility is also telling YOU that y’all can NO longer simply put your heads in the sand and believe a ‘Voting Process’ will simply undo the current problems.
That is a naive approach and, frankly, a lazy approach whose consequences are NOW that reality that is knocking at YOUR doors.
America has been BETRAYED and I realize that is a strong description that often frightens people.
Nevertheless, it is the sad but undeniable TRUTH, and if YOU believe in the Wisdom of our Founding Fathers than you do the Zealots in Washington of today, then within your Heart of Hearts YOU must realize that what we are saying, as evidenced by the procurement of Facts & Historical data thus far presented, is TRUE.
Again, I would cordially invite one and all to visit the Provisional Government of the Confederacy’s website at for further information on the Restoration Process including application for Confederate Citizenry.
Here in this aged land of wisdom known as the South, lays the Salvation of those Hopes and Dreams to which y’all aspire to.
The Portrayal of our Land has been deliberately demonized and mis-portrayed by the same Zealots who have combined to strip YOU of YOUR Freedoms, Liberty and Savings & to render YOU indifferent & impotent while advancing and procreating their Station far above YOU….using, SADLY, the less-informed to accomplish their heinous Mission.
In conclusion, what does YOUR Heart & God-given Spirit tell YOU- who do YOU believe is telling YOU the TRUTH and who do you believe is NOT….and if the answer is in us, then what are YOU going to do about it in the name of God and the Grace of YOUR family’s who are dependent upon the decision YOU make?
Confederately and Respectfully,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration and Re-Seating of the Legal deJure Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
PS- Will YOU join us NOW?
‘ALL Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end of the Republic!’

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From: Richard Gaines
To: Craig Maus
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Subject: Another Good One!

When America Went Crazy

by Eric Peters
July 8, 2011

America lost its mind 146 years ago and hasn’t been the same since. Or rather, it’s been a different country ever since.

A psychotic, self-referential, duplicitous country – largely ignorant of its own history and convinced of its messianic role in word affairs. A country not merely content to live – and let live. But one determined to to force others – everyone – to live its way.

At bayonet point, if need be,

It all goes back to the events of 1861-1865. The struggle for Southern independence, which the modern histories dishonestly – not merely mistakenly – call the “Civil War.”

Which it was not.×290.jpg

The Southern states had no desire to dominate the Northern states, nor to control the government of the North. (Which is what the “federal” government had become by 1861, as the Northern states and Northern corporatist cartels controlled it; Lincoln was the front man for these corporatist interests – a shyster lawyer and born grifter who would do anything – to anyone – in the service of his paymasters.)

No, the Southern states simply wished to exercise that right which the American colonists themselves had exercised in 1776 (and which some Northern states had themselves threatened to exercise on prior occasions, for similar reasons). The right to withdraw from the voluntary union entered into by each sovereign state at the time of the ratification of the federal Constitution. The motives were no different – and no less honorable or legitimate: The Southern states, like the American colonies, had come to regard the central authority as distant, unrepresentative and increasingly tyrannical. It no longer served their interests. It no longer represented them. And to paraphrase the author of the original Declaration of Independence, when a government no longer operates in the best interests of the people as they see those interests; when it no longer represents them; and when its actions evince a systematic effort to subjugate them, when other remedies have not proved fruitful, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish the government – and start over.

This is what we celebrate on July 4th but what we also (in typically demented/ignorant/hypocritical American fashion) excoriate the Southern states for having done.

This was the Southern conception of “consent of the governed” – the same one held by the American revolutionaries – and the same one eradicated by the victory of the North over the South.

Since that unlucky event, there has been no recourse, no escape from Washington’s self-proclaimed, self-defined, self-interpreted and increasingly unlimited authority. We the People are not governed by consent but by force. This fact is too obvious to require extensive elaboration, yet many continue to believe we are “free” because we have “democracy” – that is, we may vote. But we do not have a choice. There is no freedom option. Just Government X (Republican) or Government Y (Democrat). This duopoly is far more subtle – and thus, far more effective – than the obvious single-party tyrannies of the past. But in fact we do have a single ruling elite – and so, no real choice – if your choice is liberty.

Lincoln – the ur American tyrant who set the stage for the blood-soaked Deciders to come – was the first to twist plain English and the meaning of the American Revolution into their dark matter opposites.

“Consent of the governed” became………………………



via When America Went Crazy by Eric Peters.