Black History Month In Florida With The Sparacino’s and the Hurst’s and their family and communities

The Mayors name was Tank in this small Florida Town called Cross City, he stood over 6′ 9” tall in my estimation , and was as tall in stature as he greeted Terry Lee and I ; as were all those we were so graciously introduced to by our host and brother, Commander Joe Sparacino of the Dixie Defenders Camp # 2086 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Terry Lee soon began to refer to Joe as the Mayor, because Joe knew everyone, and commanded by his presence a great deal of admiration and respect from them all, no matter their race or religion. I knew we were in for a good time when there setting on the court house steps was a black granite stone with the Ten Commandments inscribed ; having just been interviewed by a pretty and very knowledgeable Southern woman , Terri, from the local Newspaper, the Dixie Advocate ; and now being lead through the City Hall by Joe, with my Flag in hand ; it just couldn’t get any better than this; so I thought, as Terry Lee and I readied for the Black History Luncheon sponsored by the Dixie Defenders Camp # 2086 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, (of which Joe was the Commander) the following afternoon.

There are not words that come to mind that can adequately describe just what happened, or what it felt like to be in the Community Center on the Saturday afternoon in February in Cross City, Florida when the Dixie Defenders, one of the smallest Camps in the Sons reached out in a Herculean effort to celebrate Black History Month with it’s community. The film of that great day will tell much, however if you were not there to share the meal, the conversation , all the happenings of the days; you missed a good thing. I would truly be remiss in my duties if I did not also thank Dewey Barber of Dixie OutFitters for providing us with an assortment of Black Confederate apparel, which was loved by everyone. I must also thank Joe for extending to Al Sharpton, a Life membership paid in full for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, should he indeed find his ancestry to Senator Thurmond; I do have his application form, should anybody want to let him know.

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