History Is Personal
Dear SHNV Friends,
HISTORY IS PERSONAL, very personal. Our memories define who our families were and are, and they define who we are and who our children will become. This is the reason that it is important (though illegitimate) for a government to define the past, that is, our past. What other reason would a government have for wanting to define OUR histories? In doing so they are really defining and controlling who we are.
This is a cowardly approach to leadership; in fact, it is not leadership, but it is totalitarian control, because they cannot rule you with controlling your souls and the finest affects of you mind heart and will.  Government that want to control your thinking are a disgrace and are monsters seeking to become your god. We must stop serving them. History is deeply spiritual and they know it.
The younger you are the greater the need to educate yourself quickly with wisdom and perspectives that are the enemies of the government/public education centers. The voices and centers of liberty are being attacked everyday in order to invalidate truth whether that truth is historical or theological. Reliance on divine guidance is entirely necessary. That alone makes you an enemy of the modern state regardless of the name of the country you live in.
God will vindicate.

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
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Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
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