You have now seen it, the media’s view of the great Sherman. Where was the rape of both White and Black citizens of Georgia, the murders, the needless burning of tens of thousands of homes? Where was the condemnation of war against civilians and the outrage that should have been expressed at his acts? Why did they rationalize his acts?

Ford motor company was a primary sponsor of this garbage. We have over 4,200 members in Georgia, the SCV’s largest Division. How many of our country boys in Georgia own Ford Pick ups? Not to mention Ford cars. Are we to continue to put money into the pockets of these people in Dearborn and Detroit when there are so many other brands from which to chose? Are we to continue to support a Company that champions a Nazi mode monster? Ford has lost billions in the past few quarters, now is the time to add to Ford’s descent and make them aware that we intend to contribute to their demise because of this outrageous program. Georgia needs to make Ford Motor Company howl.

I’m sure the Corporate Headquarters of Ford Motor Company enjoyed this program immensely and feel they have struck a blow against the ignorant rednecks in the South who need to learn that Sherman was just doing what was needed to be done; that we must learn to be humble and repentant to those more wise and knowledgeable of our ancestors sins. I employ you not to feather this Company’s pockets further and to let them know you are offended and outraged at this bias view. Please spread this to your lists. Also, send your complaints to your local Ford Dealerships and that you will purchase no more Ford products because of their sponsorship of this program.

Go get em men, don’t leave it to others each of you must respond and get as many others to do so as possible. Pour it on! As a native Georgian I am furious at this presentation. As a child I can recall stark brick chimneys still standing in fields that my Grandfather pointed out to me that had been burned by Sherman’s men. These homes were burned for or other reason than to have the fun of watching the house burn and the women and children cry because they couldn’t stop them.

Ford Motor Company Contacts:



Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48126

Darryl Starnes
Chief, Heritage Defense
Sons of Confederate Veterans