Historical marker

From: Jjoed.pope@sbcglobal.net
To: hk.edgerton@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

Our Alamo City Guard Camp commander, Russ Lane, recently forwarded to all camp members a copy of your letter sent to the Texas legislators who co-authored the letter of condemnation to the Texas Historical Commission regarding the placement of a marker acknowledging that monies from the former Confederate Pension Fund made it possible for the Texas Supreme Court Building to be constructed.

I was so overwhelmed by your wonderful missive and the manner in which it was composed. You mentioned  so many facts that unfortunately have shown signs of erosion from many of the state of Texas history textbooks, from our elementary schools up through, and including, college level texts. The political ”correctness” of these textbooks increasingly lend the appearance of fiction. To be certain, their mere existence has become a most serious issue in the education of our students, misinformation alone notwithstanding.

We have "educated" one generation of young Americans with questionable historical facts and I recently learned from secondary history educators that their present textbooks appear to be novels and are so slanted against our Founding Fathers, other heretofore national heroes and patriots, and simple education of our main stream America that it is frightening !.

I thank heaven someone of your stature took the time to point out the fallacies and mistruths presented by the legislators to the Historical Commission.

Thank you for standing up and being such a wonderful representative of your fellow compatriots. You are truly a beckon in the night for us all!  It will indeed be interesting to see what, if any, dialogue will spring forth from either the legislators or the Commission. Hopefully both, probably none.

With kindest regards,

Joe D. Pope

Web Reference:   H.K.’s Response To Texas Legislators