Hillbilly Schoolteachers
From: bernhard1848@att.net
True story (so he said) related by the late John Worth Olive, epicure, raconteur, bon vivant of the Old North State.  RIP
“It was in the late 1940’s that three Yankee women from Connecticut were driving to Charlotte to visit an aunt, and they stopped at Mt. Airy for gasoline and cold drinks. While one stayed at the car with the attendant, the other two went into the station to purchase drinks and snacks.
Once inside, one Yankee woman asked the station owner, an older local man in suspenders and whiskers, “Mister, we have heard in Connecticut about those dirty, snaggle-toothed North Carolina hillbillies and wonder if there are any nearby we could take pictures of.” The other Yankee woman chimed right in: “Yes, are there any of the hillbillies around here? We want to take some pictures of those inbred, uneducated hillbillies we hear so much about in Connecticut.”
At this point the old station owner leaned back on his heels, slipped his thumbs under his suspenders, and spit on the floor. He then responded: “Ladies, I regret to report that you have come a bit too late. Why it was just last week, all the hillbillies in North Carolina packed their belongings, and headed up North to teach school.”