Heritage Violation

From: cscitizen@alltel.net
To: benjamin hestley

Ben, I was just reading the Thursday, January 31, 2008 edition of the St. Clair Times and ran across an article I thought S.C.V. Camp # 308 should be made aware of.

The mayor and city council of Ashville agreed at their last meeting to amend the 2008 holiday schedule to change the Monday, June 2 Jefferson Davis holiday to March 21 Good Friday holiday.

This is a clear & blatant heritage violation & a backdoor attempt to get rid of Jefferson Davis’s birthday in Ashville, Al.

At any rate if you didn’t already know I felt that you & the SCV needed to be made aware of this transgression against Southern history & heritage here in one of St. Clair county’s towns.

Billy E. Price